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  1. i made a lot of forums about nidus suggestions, and i think their worth to see
  2. i decided to make a "bug" post on bug forums, where i talk about enemies stuck through structures because it has more sense than adding punch through
  3. almost all the time, whenever i use larva, enemies get stuck trough structure or even starts to swing around as a merry-go-round to never reach the center of the larva wasting nidus time so if i'd like to press 2 in the situation 4 enemies are alive and then press 1 repeatedly because, i dont know, maybe i'm 1hit near to death and i need to kill them and only have energy to press 1 only once after larva, i'll die because one or two of the enemies will not be on the center when i need it
  4. i was talking about a post that has nothing related to this thread i know a rubico with punchthrough can hit through walls, and if this "doesn't work" then a reduced line of sight can make the job parasitic link gives a lot of strengh, this makes me think you underestimated it this strength makes you heal more, and give a higher buff to allies with parasitic link his 1st does A LOT, i can heal 110 health/s and my link gives 77% on allies(multiplicative bonus strengh AND multiplicative bonus damage, i say AND because it gives both, and i'll say it again, this are multiplicative, not just additive) i know, i play him a lot but his strengh is something good for healing your team if you sacrifice range or any other mods slots then is it bad i want nidus to have more scaling? for those who not play full range/overextended? or full health/armor that tanks for themself without helping their team? then why the frame that has native strengh cannot? give nidus a better reason to build strengh
  5. you mean like, if the enemies die on the travel time, and drop the loot to void? (i commented about line of sight being reduce, in that case this wouldn't be a problem) but maybe DE could "teleport" enemies through terrain so they dont fall in the void.
  6. i'll agree there, my hopes are down right now
  7. i made a forum about an augment for nidus 3rd, because i want it to be related to strengh, it'd make sense since it gives strengh
  8. waste a slot? on a bandaid? that barely solves anything??????????????? i dont understand your point of view i have breach surge in place of my 2 so i can play defense missions on steelpath, and i work a lot better than wasting the slot for an bandaid, weak, outdated augment edit: my point is, I DONT WANT TO CHANGE MY 2 BY A HELMINTH ABILITY
  9. you maybe laugh but i still disagree with you
  10. i was watching this wiki https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Weapon_Augments and couldn't resist to make this forum why am i interesting about an infested arena may you ask: because of faction mods, mods that works as augments for this faction weapons(usually those who have lich variants) what kind of arena do i have in mind is another question. on the grineer one, enemies drop interestings amount of endo, have low number of tough enemies, and are a needed to battle the boss on grineer most characteristic planet, sedna. index has few enemies too, not that tough but they hit REALLY HARD, specially if you grabbed a lot of points, but as before, this enemies can be affected by abilities, you get a lot of a resource(credits on this one) and it has a lot of corpus theme on this play-mode on both arenas you have to kill a certain amount of enemies on a limited time, both are few tough/hard-hitting enemies that has abilities, and both drops a ton of a common resource sooo theres a mechanic that already exist about grabbing a lantern to kill infected enemies(this can be our condition instead of index points) and they can drop augments for infested weapons like the pathocyst, an interesting mod could be strongly related to the maggots, giving them something unique or freshlly new for resource it can be kuva, the other one i had in mind was void traces but this should be reserved for whenever orokin/void lich, open world, theme gets expanded(better late than never) there's no really other resource that is needed on REALLY high ammounts as the 4 mentioned on this post (endo, credits, kuva, void traces) and of course, the planet would be: Deimos :3
  11. if this gets released somehow, nidus could be appreciated by squadmembers
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