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  1. I would like to see an improvement in the way the Necramech mods are obtained. For example, making them an offering of the Necraloid syndicate.
  2. The amount of Railjack material required for the Helminth Chrysalis system appears to be an order of magnitude higher. I'm playing Railjack to the extent that I've raised all of my intrinstic values to 10, except for command, and this amount of material is instantly depleted. Also, the bile requirement in feeding is unfairly concentrated in materials that are hard to collect. I'd like to see the required amount eased, or the materials available in the Cambion Drift be targeted for feeding.
  3. Helminth クリサリス・システムのRailjack素材要求量が一桁多いように見受けられます。 自分は指揮以外の性能値を全て10まで上げてる程度にRailjackをプレイしていますが、この要求量だと一瞬で素材が枯渇します。 また、給餌における胆汁の要求素材が不当に集めにくい素材ばかり集中しています。 要求量の緩和、もしくはカンビオン荒地で手に入る素材を給餌対象としてほしいです。
  4. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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