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  1. I'm going to be running a Excaliber Umbra, Rubico Prime, Dual Toxicyst, and Zenistar, with a Helios companion (just cause he's the one that I've invested the most time into) and all the weapons will be built for armor stripping and Corrosive since he's weak to that, the issue is the all the enemies will be lvl 90-110 which I'm not really good at fighting yet so what mods could I use to build my damage up?
  2. I have had a Kuva Lich that's been with me for about a year and I finally want to get rid of him but can't even really harm him anymore because he got to Rank 5 and his goons can sneeze on my frame and I'll die so what kinds of mods and weapons should I use to kill him?
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