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  1. Railjack isn't a great source of affinity for solo players so long as the Plexus hoards all affinity from turret kills. It used to be my goto to rank up amps, weapons, warframes, etc. because while not as efficient as other methods, you also earned a hefty amount of credits and other rewards on the side. But I'd never leave the Railjack until necessary because unranked items will not be effective against level 99 enemies. Now, for said unranked items to gain affinity, I have to leave the Railjack and use them to kill high level enemies. I won't say objective XP is nil, but it's nowhere near enough to make RJ a preferable affinity farm. The amount of XP gained via objectives is comparable to a normal mission, but longer to complete. It's simply inefficient. The Plexus should behave like an inverted Lens: gaining affinity when not maxed and taking no affinity when maxed. Like how a Lens will take no affinity until the item it's attached to is maxed, the Plexus will give all of it's affinity to the equipped warframe and weapons when the Plexus is maxed. Standard assist spread: 25% warframe, 75% split evenly between weapons.
  2. Those That Slay and Fall from Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City (Nintendo DS). https://youtu.be/zOsRITXDBxk The part from about 0:05 to 0:50. You can hear how the intro melody loops into itself for a bit.
  3. TYPE: In-Game/Warframe Ability/Secondary Weapon DESCRIPTION: The new Epitaph is a fantastic crit weapon, so I tried to use it with Zephyr, given how her Tornado ability works. Upon shooting a tornado with a fully charged Epitaph (137.8% crit chance), no crit numbers showed up on the enemies. Looking closer to actually read the damage numbers, they were indeed ALL non-crits. I then reconfirmed this phenomenon across several missions, against Corpus, Grineer and Infested. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Trap an enemy(s) in Zephyr's Tornado, then shoot it with a fully charged Epitaph modded with Primed Pistol Gambit. EXPECTED RESULT: Epitaph would crit, which would then get doubled and distributed by the tornado, probably killing everything in radius. OBSERVED RESULT: White (blue for shield) numbers of small font size (non-crit), with values corresponding to non-crit damage on enemies. Despite 100+% crit chance. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% (78/78); hard to verify with uncharged shots due to AoE cluttering damage feed.
  4. Epitaph does not work properly with Zephyr's Tornado ability. Epitaph does not crit on tornadoes, dealing base damage to all enemies trapped within. This has been tested using Primed Pistol Gambit to achieve 137.8% critical chance; the damage does not show up as yellow/orange crits and managing to read the numbers themselves shows they are in-fact dealing non-crit damage.
  5. TYPE: In-Game/Warframe Ability DESCRIPTION: After shooting Zephyr's Tornado continuously, it stops taking damage. This also means it no longer distributes damage to enemies held within. It can happen with both stationary and wandering Tornadoes. Testing showed "dead" tornadoes can still be wrangled and still pick up enemies. This bug occurs both as host and client. VISUAL: EXPECTED RESULT: Tornadoes continue to take and distribute damage indefinitely. OBSERVED RESULT: Tornadoes have a hidden max HP, making them "killable." Ceases damage distribution mechanic once HP hits 0. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% (8/8). Replication may require high duration (200%+) and/or high DPS weapon. Occurs both as host and client.
  6. Having played Void Storms for a bit, it's possible (and increasingly common) to not get any reactant by the end of the mission. On Corpus nodes, this is seldom an issue because of the forced ground segment, but on Grineer nodes it's quite prevalent. The issue comes down to reactant only spawning from foot soldiers (not fighters) and it taking a while before the void storm kicks into gear, converting said foot soldiers into corrupted that can drop reactant. Pretty often, the crew will complete the objectives and kill all crewships before many, if any, corrupted spawn (there's also blowing up crewships with the dome rather than boarding for reactant, which contributes to the problem). In short, it takes too long for corrupted to spawn in, especially compared to how fast objectives can be completed. Increasing the void storm's speed or decreasing it's starting distance is recommended. Alternatively, allow fighters/crewships to become corrupted and drop reactant in space. Void sinks (the hazards which explode) become too abundant at level 5 storms. It is a great concept that increases the tension of void storms, but it becomes nigh impossible to evade their high damage when 3 spawn within close proximity. I do know they can be shot to destroy them harmlessly, but (a) few players will think to try that and (b) not every player carries a full auto gun (e.g. I've been formaing a Kuva Tonkor for a while). The frequency of void sinks at max storm intensity is overwhelming. Downplaying their frequency at this intensity or making them easier to dissipate is recommended. Frequency of void sinks at lower intensities is fine. Then there's the void columns acting as hazards to the railjack itself. From a distance, they are clearly visible and seeing how they tether enemy ships explains how our ship gets damaged near one. However, up close, it's very difficult to judge the distance to one of these columns due to their lack of hard edges; your only indicators are the void lightning in the cockpit and damage taken. It took me a few void storms to finally realise what was causing continuous "random" damage to the railjack. Ultimately, they can still spawn on top of the railjack, making evasive maneuvers difficult, but the low damage offsets this. It would be nice if there's a bit more telegraph (few seconds worth) when one is about to spawn on top of the ship. Damaging columns of void energy are hard to discern up close, leading to "random" damage taken. Even with experience, they can still spawn too close to the railjack. "Hardening" the edges so they're easier to see up close and adding a few seconds long telegraph to their spawning is recommended. I want to reiterate, I am excited to have these hazards here; they add to the tension and moment to moment decision making. However, they're roughly implemented.
  7. TYPE: In-Game/Railjack/Enemy Spawns/Objective DESCRIPTION: While completing a Veil Proxima Grineer node, enemy fighters stopped spawning, preventing completion of the Kill X Fighters objective. REPRODUCTION: Destroying all Grineer crewships before meeting the Kill X Fighters threshold. EXPECTED RESULT: Fighters would continue to spawn, either perpetually (until mission completion) or until meeting the kill count. OBSERVED RESULT: Once the crewships were all blasted, fighters ceased to spawn. 66/84 fighters killed at this point in the most recent instance. REPRODUCTION RATE: 2/2 (100%)
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