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  1. TYPE: In-Game/Warframe Ability/Secondary Weapon DESCRIPTION: The new Epitaph is a fantastic crit weapon, so I tried to use it with Zephyr, given how her Tornado ability works. Upon shooting a tornado with a fully charged Epitaph (137.8% crit chance), no crit numbers showed up on the enemies. Looking closer to actually read the damage numbers, they were indeed ALL non-crits. I then reconfirmed this phenomenon across several missions, against Corpus, Grineer and Infested. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Trap an enemy(s) in Zephyr's Tornado, then shoot it with a fully charged Epitaph mo
  2. Epitaph does not work properly with Zephyr's Tornado ability. Epitaph does not crit on tornadoes, dealing base damage to all enemies trapped within. This has been tested using Primed Pistol Gambit to achieve 137.8% critical chance; the damage does not show up as yellow/orange crits and managing to read the numbers themselves shows they are in-fact dealing non-crit damage.
  3. TYPE: In-Game/Warframe Ability DESCRIPTION: After shooting Zephyr's Tornado continuously, it stops taking damage. This also means it no longer distributes damage to enemies held within. It can happen with both stationary and wandering Tornadoes. Testing showed "dead" tornadoes can still be wrangled and still pick up enemies. This bug occurs both as host and client. VISUAL: EXPECTED RESULT: Tornadoes continue to take and distribute damage indefinitely. OBSERVED RESULT: Tornadoes have a hidden max HP, making them "killable."
  4. Having played Void Storms for a bit, it's possible (and increasingly common) to not get any reactant by the end of the mission. On Corpus nodes, this is seldom an issue because of the forced ground segment, but on Grineer nodes it's quite prevalent. The issue comes down to reactant only spawning from foot soldiers (not fighters) and it taking a while before the void storm kicks into gear, converting said foot soldiers into corrupted that can drop reactant. Pretty often, the crew will complete the objectives and kill all crewships before many, if any, corrupted spawn (there's also blowin
  5. TYPE: In-Game/Railjack/Enemy Spawns/Objective DESCRIPTION: While completing a Veil Proxima Grineer node, enemy fighters stopped spawning, preventing completion of the Kill X Fighters objective. REPRODUCTION: Destroying all Grineer crewships before meeting the Kill X Fighters threshold. EXPECTED RESULT: Fighters would continue to spawn, either perpetually (until mission completion) or until meeting the kill count. OBSERVED RESULT: Once the crewships were all blasted, fighters ceased to spawn. 66/84 fighters killed at this point in the most recent instance. REPRODU
  6. TYPE: Railjack/In-Game DESCRIPTION: After the Pluto Exterminate mission finished and we returned to the Railjack, the Corpus captain fired an ice comet at the ship. The comet hit as the vote to the next mission began, slowing the ship. Once in the next mission, the slow effect never ended, disabling boosting for the entire mission. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Have the Railjack begin another mission while under the effects of an ice comet. EXPECTED RESULT: The ice comet's effect should have either a) been purged during the warp to next mission or b) dissipated after the norm
  7. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Gunnery Rank 9 heat flush does not work on controllers. Specifically, a Dualshock 4 being used through Steam. The reload button is also the contextual activate button, which I suspect is why "reloading" the turrets does not work. R on the keyboard still works, even with DS4 plugged in. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Playing Warframe through Steam with a Dualshock 4, press/hold Square (reload) while piloting or operating a side turret. EXPECTED RESULT: Heat flush perk would activate, near instantly draining all heat from the turret. OBSERVED R
  8. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Tether targets do not explode upon death when killed by a non-hosting player. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Not as the host (you have ping), fire a Tether into a group of fighters and destroy one with your turret. EXPECTED RESULT: Tether to behave like it does for host, with each destroyed fighter exploding and damaging other nearby fighters, potentially starting a chain reaction of death. OBSERVED RESULT: Explosion does not occur. Fighters are tethered, but death explosion does not trigger. Not even a 0. REPRODUCTION RATE: Whenever not t
  9. Zephyr's Tail Wind can still use a quality of life improvement: slide cancelling. Tail Wind can move Zephyr quickly over vast distances, but if Tail Wind ends on a horizontal surface, she completely stops. This kills the flow of Tail Wind as a low altitude traversal tool. What I often want to do is enter a slide out of Tail Wind, so I can transition into a bullet jump on landing. However, this is only possible from sufficient height as Tail Wind needs to end midair, the leftover momentum carrying you to the ground. Being able to slide to cancel Tail Wind would greatly improve the
  10. No, in game it is tap for wander, hold for stationary, as per the patch notes. The ability description is inverted, however.
  11. The flow from Railjack to on-foot segments can be improved. Namely, it currently requires the full squad present to start on-foot segments -- it shouldn't. Squad should be able to join in, but it shouldn't require everyone to start. That way some can do the on-foot segment while others do the Railjack segment in tandem.
  12. Zephyr's Tornado description still says "Tap for stationary tornadoes or hold for wandering ones."
  13. That part with Magnetize is due to them being projectiles. The ability doesn't absorb or disable them, but redirect their flight paths. They'll still harm you, but now they aren't flying at you. ...unless you walk into it like that. Turbulence affects projectiles similarly, redirecting their flight paths instead of disabling them. That's why if you stand point-blank against a projectile shooting enemy, you can still take damage. This is also why explosive rounds, such as from bombards, can still pose a threat through Turbulence: it doesn't stop explosive damage; the rocket can be redi
  14. Want to echo this bug. Bringing Zephyr onto the Steel Path, should do well against Corpus who only use ranged attacks, but the common Juno Crewman still ignores Turbulence, killing Zephyr quickly.
  15. When entering a hub/relay as Zephyr, her walk and run speeds are reduced. Her parkour speed is not noticeably affected and her low gravity passive is disabled (I bring up because Nezha's extended slide passive is not disabled). Opening Arsenal and switching to another frame will not resolve the issue, the slow movement speed persists until leaving the hub/relay. Inversely, entering the hub/relay as not Zephyr and then switching to her via the Arsenal will not cause the bug. Slow movement speed occurs when entering a hub/relay as Zephyr/Zephyr Prime and persists until leaving.
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