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  1. Ironically, the Grineer Galleon tileset actually spawns Eximus Leeches every now and then scattered within the Grineer troops that attack you as you casually perform Orphix clean up duty. They are definitely a threat to watch out for and can end your adventures prematurely when left unattended. PC had same problem, it'll be up to DE to weed them out. What they did? I have some ideas, but who knows. Was hoping DE would patch out most of the ways PC originally found to try and get around the scoring system, when porting to console. Would only make sense, with such a long d
  2. What I meant was, although the highest scores on PC are double of console, the highest scores do not represent farm runs. The farm run score on console, which can be achieved by nearly anyone (the 22k mark) if you just put a geared party together and bum rush the Orphix asap instead of killing sentients, which requires basically 0 strategy, is very close to the current leaderboard scores of 25k. 17,100 points come from killing all 36 Orphixes. If you kill all Orphixes ASAP, you will get approximately 5000 bonus points from downtime, corresponding to 2500 seconds, which is 41m 40s
  3. I would like to point out that this is slightly inaccurate. The PC leaderboard runs are 40k+, but this requires an exorbitant amount of aborting to achieve this. Which means the people scoring 40k+ are the same people unable to farm the event because they are abort-chasing the leaderboards. The standard run with an extremely experienced squad (the same people who score 40k+) score about 30-35k for your average run on PC. The odds of a potential 40k run generally range around 0.4-3% of mission starts, depending on which of the tilesets the hour is. I’m all for reducing shop prices, bu
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