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  1. Ingame name: Aznvasions Discord Tag: Aznvasions#8523 Hours played ingame: 4367 Hours Mastery Rank: 21 I've decided to finally move on from my old clan. I've seen it rise and fall over the past two years and am saddened by the events that have occurred, but the game must live on. I'm interested in joining the Astral community and am looking forward to participating in events. I am active on discord and enjoy competition. Trying to set fun new records and attempting memes is the reason why I continue to play, aside from meeting more from the community. Looking forward to your response 🙂
  2. You know that previously it took about 60 hours of just night cycle time to farm 21 energizes? Assuming you are using the most efficient methods possible. it currently takes 3 hours to farm 21 energizes in the event. Clearly you see the discrepancy here?
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