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  1. Srry forgot to mention have been playing for 4 years and have 90% of the frames and have never been good at figureing out what fits my play style. i currently play frost prime but my play style is i like to do support every once and a while but i mainly like to do massive damage and be able to take damage this the the only what im presuming a mmo game i have played ive had people say use saryn or mesa or nidus. I like those frames but they take some time to set up and i cant ever get them set up cause of other players even if i tell them to stop so i can get my stacks or get the i fection cou
  2. Im having trouble picking a warframe i don't know if its because of my play style or what can anyone help also trying to stat away from non primes cause im close to rank 3 in deimos
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