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  1. There are so many games that do that better than warframe. Warframe is fast, high agility coop-game-play. In that regard warframe has its niche. Cover and stealth are the exact opposite in that regard. Stealth missions are usually solo missions. (I still do spy-sorties alone so no one breaks it for me) Most of that content is there to diversify the game-play experience, but i don't see it as warframe's core game-play. AI is difficult in a hoard shooter because most enemies have not the time to live, to show intelligence. What might be possible is an ambush. Where
  2. I counted it in my last gamesession 2 out of 10 missions the markers break.
  3. Id like to see a mod (possible from Simaris) that lets the Helios scan Plants even when they are completed in the Codex. Gladly i will sacrifice a mod-slot for that.
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