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  1. There are so many games that do that better than warframe.

    Warframe is fast, high agility coop-game-play. In that regard warframe has its niche.

    Cover and stealth are the exact opposite in that regard.

    Stealth missions are usually solo missions. (I still do spy-sorties alone so no one breaks it for me)

    Most of that content is there to diversify the game-play experience, but i don't see it as warframe's core game-play.

    AI is difficult in a hoard shooter because most enemies have not the time to live, to show intelligence.

    What might be possible is an ambush. Where you open the door to a room and all enemies are in cover firing at you at the same time.

    But they wont live long enough to set anything else up.

  2. Try to find yourself 3 pre-second dream players.

    Do a few boss runs with them to farm a frame they need. They will get marked by the stalker and sooner or later you will get the normal variant.

    Try to scan him with the simaris-scanner with the multiscan addon. This way you have a chance to get 2 scans at once.


  3. Thats one way to go. But i suggest instead of loosing modslots and formating like crazy. Make hitting yourself with selfdamage take 25% of your max health (ignores Shields). This would allow you to take any warframe you like with an explosive weapon. You wouldn't oneshot yourself with any Warframe and still could mod for full damage.

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  4. One problem we have, is the uneven player skills. New players regularly are matched with the few veterans of pvp. They get fragged all the time, dont enjoy it and leave forever.

    On the other side it doesn't provide the veteran with a challenge and that bores them.

    The system cant match players with even player skill because the player base is too low in pvp.

    In the end most of the players that want the pvp rewards, see it as a chore and sit in games only to get the rewards and leave forever.

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  5. I would like to see the ability to detonate Warhead in mid Air. Especially in Grineer missions where you only have a few asteroids to hit.

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