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  1. Thanks worked like a charm. Best!
  2. Bump, same situation, reseted keybinds now cant scroll anywhere in warframe,.
  3. if i get a Switch eventually lets say in a year, will the Account Migration be available or is it for a limited time?
  4. Suggestion, Once [3] is activated, as it now only reduces 90% damage and the total damage absorption its based on STR, remove the STR base and make it Time Based, just like Gara's [2], That would be Just Perfect and will give me reasons to build for tank and health regeneration based on the use of other skills, Building for STR just to raise the Cap on the Damage absorption removes the purpose of it, as most of his kit is CC not Damage base. So right now we are being forced to have a 3rd eye pernalooking at the new [3] Indicator or Building for STR to max that cap and sacrifice the viability of the [2] and [4] that greatly benefir from Range. Also, turning that [3] into a Time base skill with the 90% reduction scalated on STR just like Gara's, will allow us to potentially use the [1] for longer time. Its a win win situation, make it tame based and Cap Free damage absorption up to 90%.
  5. My Goose Army complys you to retract.
  6. So Augmented mods for Gara Splitner Armor Wukong Cloud Walk Octavia Resonator Khora Whipclaw Sad week indeed. #NezhaPLS
  7. It should say "Destroy" Instead of kill, as it refers to the machine Dargyn, you cant kill a machine, you can destroy it. Thanks
  8. Well nothing new. This is just hurting me, time to go play something else, ill be back by tennocon, GG
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