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  1. does everyone that submits will be featured or only those select few only?
  2. Where/who is Sevagoth's operator? Since we get to know that he is just some specter from a golden ball and we actually get to see his physical body, who would be his operator, where he/she is and what happened to him/her after Sevagoth was buried?
  3. Please help me those who are Grendel mains in building him properly
  5. The first time I was able to try Corpus RJ I was in awe. The environment and the atmosphere makes you really feel like you're actually in battle with a major power. Unlike the Grineer proxima which is bland and needs a bit of a rework. The capital ships and the corpus derelicts really makes you feel that it is really controlled by the Corpus and actually has good reasons to control those sectors. And the transition from RJ to ground combat was very smooth. I only played 2 missions of Corpus RJ but I can definitely say DE nailed it on the update here. I cant wait to use my RJ in it.
  6. Now this makes us actual farmers
  7. So I wanted to create a boss fight that is different from other assassination missions but with some subtle similiarities to the Jordas Golem. So the mission starts normally as some randomized non-endless mission (mobile defense, exterminate, spy, capture) and then midway through the mission something happens in the base that your infilrating (tremors, earthquakes and roars of a beast). With these factors the Lotus will order you to abandon the mission and force you to extract(while tentacles burst out of the walls that try to attack everything). but Ordis says he isn't able to extract you due
  8. As of now, Operators have been a important aspect in the game, starting from the Second dream up to Operation Orphix Venom. With having very important roles (i.e: Taking down eidolon/Profit-taker shields , Using necramechs, etc.) And having a Massive amount of lore ingame. However what I find lacking in them is the the fact that all operators have the same abilities (difference being the focus schools modifying them). Shouldn't the Tenno have more unique abilities ever since they were bestowed upon with void energy ever since the Zariman incident? Not just the void blast, void mode and dashing
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