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  1. The teshin shop has not stocked riven ciphers the last 2 weeks for me. I bought them every week but he has not had them in the shop the last 2.
  2. Her kit doesnt function in a meaningful way, number changes arent the issue. Also hopefully they fixed how janky she is in certain tile sets. The dash roll is good for momentum and adjusting jump will make her feel better to play. But her abilities need to scale better with stat mods and her ult needs to be replaced or changed 1 Snares enemies where they stand, can be spread out. 2 K drive 3 Close range AoE around you DPS, where you need to stay on the target to deal meaningful damage 4 Groups up enemies while locking you in place, then splooges the enemies all over the map. None of these synergize together. There are a lot of possibilities in her kit, but needs more synergy Maybe enemies caught in her 1 when you use her 4 dont get ragdolled all over the place and sorta magnatize together at the epicenter. And if you use your 3 on an enemy caught in her 1 it will spread the 1 to more enemies regardless of cap. She needs something meaningful like that. Also her abilities need to do something extra while on your K drive. Else why be on your k-drive? For the damage reduction? Just shield gate.
  3. I mean using riven slivers is still farming Steel path
  4. Started a Reddit Poll here https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/o6eiur/where_would_you_rather_earn_the_new_galvanized/
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