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  1. When you turn on the improved engine, the picture on the missions, of course, becomes better in places. The video card makes more noise... FPS drops... However, these are all small things, compared to how the dojo changes. Unfortunately, the new engine somewhat spoils the appearance of the dojo... The lighting created by the murex figurines disappears... There are inexplicable lights and shadows where they should not be...
  2. I, of course, understand that this is not as important as the lack of invulnerability of the warframe, when the operator exits... But damn, it's been almost a year, they fixed the skins in dry dock, and here forgot?..
  3. It's been a long time, but apparently, if it's not fixed, then no one has written reports about it. I'll be the first. I have one skins in my ship, and it is displayed stably everywhere except my orbiter. A strange omission, given that on the orbiter, we see railjack more often than anywhere else... Screenshot:
  4. When an operator exits a warframe, the warframe remains vulnerable. When a warframe dies, the operator also dies. However, if you also sit inside the necromech, then we lose the warframe. And if the operator dies, then he has a timer during which the allies can revive him. The screenshots show that the warframe is vulnerable and takes damage. And on the last one, you can see that I am reviving by an ally while I am falled in operator.
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