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  1. I would love to see:

    #1: Some volt tweaks


    #2: Some change in the AI, make our enemyes act more like a military force (working in groups)


    #3: Rework of the damage, damage scaling, damage made from the enemyes and health scaling. Ok it should become harder and harder, but making them going up to level 200+ is silly, they are just bullets sponges.

  2. Probabily you already know that there is a bug in conclave, with immunity's time after spawn. People who join the game while it is running, will be immune to all attacks until they suicide. That bug will take place even when there will be an host migration, dead people that spawns immediately after the change of host will be immune for the rest of time. Hope you can solve it easly, it wasn't there before.


    P.S: the new map is too much big, few action.

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