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  1. Today I want to discuss the Metaphor and Fragment of Hedonism that is Warframe’s Community. The utilitarian philosopher Henry Sidwig was first to note in The Methods of Ethics that the paradox of Hedonism is that pleasure cannot be acquired directly. Now this is my first point, Hedonism paradox is the ideology that TRUE pleasure cannot be acquired by striving for pleasure. Happiness is often imprecisely equated with pleasure. If, for whatever reason, one does equate happiness with pleasure, then the paradox of hedonism arises. When one aims solely towards pleasure itself, one's aim is frustrat
  2. I get to the start up with my Warframe kneeling and then I press start and game crashes.
  3. Why would I be joking, I rely invest my time on this idae
  4. *Edit: I've gotten a suggestion by someone really smart and I'm decided it should be called "scovili" like how they measure spices in scoviles So capsaici would be designed around red and touches of green for their default colors with slight touches of black and their 1 would make the enemies next meal be slightly spicy and have it be a AoE LoS ability and it would leave a flaming aura around effected enemies and for enemies that don't eat or have a stomach system it'd kinda just burn their skin for a second or two. Their 2 would kinda make your stomach cramp and their 3 and 4 would make yo
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