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  1. Sh1n3y

    Coming Soon: Devstream #27

    Really great job on Melee 2.0! You guys worked hard on getting kinks out before release and it really shows. Sure it's not perfect, but it's a really nice improvement. Been a lot of fun. I know it's hard as a F2P game, but can you guys focus on improving the current system (fixes, changes, tweaks) for a while, rather than new content? This is probably mostly in regard to the solar rail system in effect, but other area's need tweaking as well (warframes, weapons, the dojo).
  2. Sh1n3y

    Coming Soon: Devstream #27

    Hello devs. Thanks for your continued efforts to make the UI more UF (user friendly). I think it would be very helpful as you address changes to the solar rails and alliances to improve alliance chat and alliance UI. i.e. a list of warlords' names and what clan they're in, an alliance message of the day to tell the alliance members the current goals, etc. Thank you.
  3. Sh1n3y

    Warframe Builder

    Wow. This site keeps getting better. Kudo's. One suggestion: I've been using the site quite a lot today and started to wish that I could save the mods at the rank I keep ranking them up to be. Instead, each time I have to find the mods and rank them up. Otherwise, I could just sort by drain and it would just save time. Also people could put the mods at the rank that they currently have in game and save them that way. So, having a save file for your mods would be nice.
  4. Sh1n3y

    Hotfix 13.0.6+13.0.7+

    So glad you can invite players from the 'Recent Players' list. Now DE just needs to add the ability to 'talk' to them. But seriously, thank you for some great fixes!
  5. Painting the town orange
  6. Thanks for doing this. Really helpful.
  7. Sh1n3y

    Warframe Builder

    Wow. A little late hopping on this bandwagon: Great job and very useful tool. Thanks for your hard work on this. :)
  8. Prime Time... SMOKIN'! or for inverted white on black (transparent) see link: