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  1. And the gun reloads... Why not bind the contextual action to the contextual action button?
  2. How would you do a finisher with a gun equipped and using quick melee?
  3. Etc. please keep in mind some people use scroll wheel to select powers, and some people reconfigure their controls away from default so naming keys by physical letter isn't as useful as naming the function. Also controllers/consoles have to be able to do the same functions.
  4. Then why not use the contextual action button to do this contextual action? I've heard controllers don't have a leftover "reload" button in melee mode,so how would it work for them? I'll be against suggestions to add functionality to specific bindings that do unrelated things.I'm in favor of adding new bindings that happen to share default keys instead. If a new finisher keybind is added with the default key R,that would be superior to just making reload and finisher the same binding. It would allow people like myself to rebind their controls without undue restrictions. Imo this is one of the biggest problems with Archwing, it doesn't have separate control settings and bindings, everything is just tacked on to ground bindings and can't be separated. But in this instance I think the contextual action key is appropriate. Finishers *are* a contextual action,so adding to that binding is appropriate. It is available in gun and melee mode AND on m+kb and controller
  5. And I would stop using it. I avoid dynamic changes to my melee attack speed like the plague. I choose my attack speed in the Arsenal based on timing, not raw speed. Changing the speed changes the timing. Not maxing speed has not resulted in me failing missions.
  6. I absolutely hate this control scheme. It's the default controls for dive rolling in STO and it triggered all the time when I didn't want it to, and was anything but fluid. Disabled it in options as soon as I found out I could.
  7. Or just the context interact button. But at least don't bind it to the reload keybind. If not the context button, make it an entirely new binding that just happens to default to the same key reload defaults to. But context interact would be better, because it is available in melee and gun modes. Make a new melee mode only binding for finishers and now you can't finisher while holding a gun.
  8. My first post in this thread was concerning channeling and the general uncertainty regarding channeling and mods, and stuff. Was maybe a little negative on my first impressions. In this post I'd like to say that the animations shown looked really good and the idea of unifying and updating the stances sounded good too. Hopefully more of them will be useful and fun and fluid so there's more variety to be had. I am looking forward to that stuff for sure, I just wish we had more details about some of the core mods and things. And also how Exalted melee will be affected. I have been wanting Hysteria updated for years, imho it hasn't been worth using because of the combo and animations it currently has, regardless of its stats.
  9. Same for me. I never channel blocked. I almost never block at all. I Take damage to gain energy to fuel abilities and lifestrike, throwing energy away on blocking damage is counterproductive. The only reason I block is shockwave/hook spam if im not midswing with one of the weapons that ignores it while swinging. Oh, or if I'm aim gliding. Putting 3 different functions on 1 button is not something I would consider ideal... Yes they made an incredibly vague statement that they would be looking at mods. So they have no idea what they are doing yet, and it doesn't help us prepare ourselves at all whether ingame or mentally. They don't even know how blocking will work. If it drains energy by default, what happens when it runs out? Can't block any more? For myself, I don't care too much about channeling and modding channeling itself, as long as lifestrike survives in some way whether it remains tied to channeling or not. Because that's all I use it for. would be a shame to lose the visual fx and the disintegration is supposed to be useful for stealth, but making them always on would be too much. Random speculation time: What if blocking charges a channeling meter based on how much damage blocked, which drains over time, but attacks with meter charge available are considered channeled, damage bonus = percent of the meter filled, and the fx show when meter is not empty. Stealth finishers could also charge it perhaps.
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