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  1. If you're looking for a clan that goes on missions and farms together then I'm more than happy to invite you to mine
  2. Can we get a mass boot option for clan warlords or a filter to remove inactive clan members instead of clicking their names one by one, and then pressing expel from clan?
  3. I get it, you want your friend to play missions with you. You want to take him on higher level content and I'm pretty sure he feels the same, but remember he literally just started the game and only has 23 hours clocked so far. You and your other friends are all MR15+, your other friend is a way lower MR than you. You can't just take him on a lvl 40+ mission and expect him not to die repeatedly. Warframe is a grinding game (hell, we call it Warfarm for a reason ya know XD) and right now your friend needs to work on leveling his MR and farming resources. You said he wants to play Ash right? Take him to farm Ash, show him how to play the game. Cetus and Fortuna aren't meant for new players to tackle right away, given the quests themselves are solo. Slow down, chillax, show him how to play the game and soon he'll be able to catch up with you and your other friends.
  4. You're welcome to join mine :3 add me in game
  5. It desynced for me too but I synced it back during the stream. Try and send a ticket to DE and explain what happened, they might give you the stuff
  6. Screaming Eiji 😏😏😏
  7. Honestly, at this point I just want Ivara Prime to come out
  8. It still requires players to do Chimera Prologue to access Ropalolyst though, so even if OP gets a taxi there, they won't be able to do it cuz the mission will kick them out
  9. DE did say Wisp's animation was unique to her alone so yea .-.
  10. I'll check the local toy stores here XD perks of living in Asia lol, imported Japanese figurines haha
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