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  1. I also reached max rank, but now im wondering if I happen to complete more nightwave objectives and they raise the max rank later, will the game remember, or did I just waste points?
  2. Not to worry, you were not chat banned as far as I can tell, since I had the very same issue and I didnt post in chat either, it was right when I logged in for the first time today. For me it lasted a little over half an hour, but it works now. You have restarted your game I assume?
  3. Update: I restarted the game just now and the chat came back up again. Whatever the problem was, seems to have been fixed. However it did not show anything different for me until a restart, I did restart 2x before posting here, so the initial problem was not client side, however the chat server does not restart automatically without a relog. Enjoy!
  4. If you had 8 acolytes spawn, there should be 16 steel essence in that room, since acolytes drop 2 each. I was not aware the game would count each individual essence, but that seems to be what is happening here. What I am more curious about is how you managed to get all of those essences in that tiny little room there. Don't you pick them all up when you go in there when the next acolyte appears? Assuming you go inside the little room to make him spawn there.
  5. Yeah same, just wanted to sell some stuff for plat and can't seem to talk to anyone. Hope itll be fixed soon. Just came here to check if it was just me.
  6. Did 2 liches this week and I noticed the very same thing. In my orbiter, the progress towards the first requiem mod shows to be about 50%. Then in the missions, you kill a thrall it and appears to be closer to 80%. Then when in mission the murmur farm shows that the first mod is revealed, it will actually reveal in the orbiter as well. The same thing repeats for the second and third requiem mod. In the orbiter the progress is always less than it is in mission, yet the progress shown in mission appears to be the leading factor.
  7. I haven't had this bug for a while and suddenly its back with a vengeance. I first noticed it in railjack missions where markers for console defense, blowing up the grineer missile silo etc stay on screen during the entire mission, even after the objective has been completed. Then i noticed it more and more throughout regular missions. Strangely it seems that this did not occur before, since i have done lots of missions of the same type where this did not happen. But now it is, everywhere. Mobile defense missions, excavation missions, rescue missions (the consoles you need to hack to open prison doors, those markers remain even after hacking). It is no longer incidental and it happens more and more often for some unknown reason. Please fix this.
  8. Greetings, I could not find a previous topic about these bugs, nor does there seem to be a megathread for bugs for update 30.3.1, so I made a separate topic. I hope this is acceptable. BUG 1: Description: When doing excavation missions in general, including regular missions on the starchart, syndicate missions and sorties, the excavator markers that indicate where you need to go to find the next excavator, STAY on the screen, even after the excavation has finished. This results in a screen littered with markers, especially when doing 10+ excavators. Expected result: Yellow markers indicating where the next excavator will be, should disappear once the excavator has started drilling, and be replaced with a white marker of a letter, showing the player how many excavators are active at the given time. After the excavator has finished/was destroyed, the white marker should disappear, leaving no marker behind of any kind. How to reproduce: This bug is persistent throughout all excavation missions I have done since the patch. Simply start any excavation mission. BUG 2: Description: There seems to be a problem with resource boosters, smeeta buffs and the amount of cryotic gained at the end of certain excavation missions. Regular missions did not seem to have this issue, however both syndicate excavations as well as sortie excavations, do. As an example, for a syndicate mission I had to gather 500 cryotic to finish the mission. Once finished, at the end mission screen, I would always get exactly double that amount, due to my active resource booster. However this was not the case. Instead it showed a seemingly arbitrary number of 856(?) cryotic gained. This bug also happened later when I did another excavation for a sortie, with an active resource booster and with a smeeta kavat equipped. The charm buff for doubling resources was active at the end of one of the excavations. This means that instead of the base 100 cryotic, I should have gained 400 (x2 for the resource booster, x2 again for the smeeta buff). This means that at the end of the mission, which also required 500 cryotic to be excavated, I should have had 1200 cryotic. Instead I gained 913(?). Expected result: The syndicate mission, which required 500 cryotic to be gathered, should have rewarded double the amount of cryotic at the end of the mission because of an active resource booster. Hence the expected outcome is 1000 cryotic. The sortie mission should have rewarded 1200 cryotic, thanks to both a resource booster and an active smeeta charm for double resources. How to reproduce: So far I have consistently gained seemingly arbitrary numbers for cryotic in excavation missions that are not endless. This includes syndicate missions and sorties. BUG 3: Description: The hitbox for the excavator does not match with the visual outline of the drill itself. When using Mesa, its a pretty common practice to perch atop the excavator to snipe down enemies. However lately (even before the last patch) the hitbox is as such that Mesa sinks into the excavator till well over her waist. This limits sightlines and makes the whole experience awkward . While not a serious or gamebreaking bug, it is annoying and since this bugreport is about the issues i ran into with excavation missions, I felt it should be included. Expected result: When jumping on top of an excavator, one should not sink into the drill. How to reproduce: Simply jump on top of any excavator in any excavation missions and you will notice the discrepancy between the hitbox of the excavator and the visual outline. That is all. Apologies for the long read, I wanted to be thorough. Sincerely, NeedPants
  9. My friend just built his first necramech. I had a few spare necramech repair mods, gave him one. But i dont have necramech rage. Very unfortunate for him. When i realized these mods dont drop anymore, i checked out warframe market. Necramech repair went for 90(!!!) platinum. That is insane. Beside the fact that i am VERY tempted to sell them, were it not that i have more friends who dont have mechs yet, these guys do not have the plat to buy necramech repair/rage. By the time they get their mechs it will be a 200p investment. Seems very unfair to me, and it discourages new players from getting their mechs since the harder content requires these mods, hands down, especially on voidrig. Please add them back to the game. Loid's shop, isolation vault bounties, or railjack orphix missions, anywhere, coz this is pretty ridiculous. Sincerely, Needpants
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