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  1. I personally think if it boosts the developement and not force them to do something what they are against it then it is fine no matter who buys it. In my point of view no matter what asian company willing to buy DE that partially will be bad always because they have a different market and vision what the consumers wants. Same goes to the Middle-East, Eastern Europe, Northen Europe, America regions. Different point of views and mentalities. The common sense is everybody likes money so the cultural differences and consumer handling is matters to a point till they find a way to milk consumers. Once a product cannot attract more consumer or sells bad in different reasons (bad updates, delays, refining content etc) can decrease the chance to survive with a product. I think the best option would be an European or Canadian company to buy out DE. I disagree with the Canadian government should invest into Warframe because political reasons and increased dependancies. However governments could overall invest more to game making and increase the budget for software and hardware developers and education. Independence is only works if you have enough money to do so. DE is not in that financial situation where they can declare their independence because their game was not a massive hit. It is popular and all but if in the first month 10-15 million people plays the game and invested into it then they could have be more optimist to go on this route. No matter who will give them money if they have the ability to repay it.
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