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  1. I have no issues with maxed settings only the Earth tileset and the unfamous gates of cetus and fortuna can drop my fps drastically. Also congrats to Fabpsi for the generous act. You are just like Szuna.
  2. Not really need any trick to finish this test but indeed the enemy awareness is higher than the normal. There are a lot of weapon combination to solve it and the first two segment is pretty easy just need to be patient. The last part is what could be hard but you can use the pillars as cover or you can jump and aimglide to the middle guy on the top. Simply stay there and crouch when the others pass then you can kill one by one. I did with the side two when the 3 who coming back after the patrol I just killed them left from right. You can kill them on the ground starting left or right side, use
  3. Tempt is a soft word for it because every company who uses free to play model need to make money if it is just a slight temptation then they will bankrupt so they need to make the illusion you need that platinum, that item, that warframe etc. There are stuffs which needs money anyway otherwise it's decrease your gameplay experience hard. I personally bought platinum only in my earliest days in warframe years ago since them 5-6 year no discounts for me so I stopped buying platinum. I live on a moderate amount which is enough for me for few year. While nowadays you can farm items which was
  4. A company who makes money from a free to play title will monetize every part of the game in order to force you to buy some platinum. In my opinion this is a normal move because they need to make money in every possible way and if someone not patient to farm then those will buy it for money. Money is tradeable but only able to trade if someone buy for real money and those are work for their money in most cases so not see this as unfair.
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