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  1. no more blocked or force things with necramechs please....orphix event and this mission in corpus railjack its awfull -.-
  2. in not a fan of corpus weapons...they are super boring and ugly in general. The best weapon i played was sthalta. I want a tenet version for sure but i dont have much hype on what they can do....see opticor vandal....a true disapointment. For kuva i want to see a kuva twin khomak kuva twin basolk kuva vulkar kuva jat kusar kuva argonak
  3. I don't think it's worth using them....I prefer things that give me feedback like searches like oxylus/helios or features like smeeta or sly that give you chances to ignore damage...they are the most useful in the game. Voidfissure i always use oxylus Sorties sly. Steel essence/vitus=smeeta.
  4. Both weapons are very similar to each other and low ammo for both! Why so little ammo and so little damage? I think the two needed some changes in weapons and not just in the disposition of the Rivens. These are the two weapons that need changes and mainly the kuva ayanga because it is a variant ..... but there was never an original so I think it needed to be much improved to have the name kuva.
  5. nw must go.... there are many things broken in the warframe like railjack and lavos being target for railjack due to mistaken removal of power flow. Nw hasn't contributed anything to the game just for our eagerness to do everything on Sunday night to get rid of these missions we've done millions of times....That's the truth.
  6. I can't get my gun back when it's stolen. I use the nidus (larva) pulling the enemies up and the stolen weapon is floating... making it impossible to pick it up again.
  7. chroma? still exist this thing? its getting dust in my inventory for centuries....lol. To me its the most uselles warframes. Lavos its one of the best frames.
  8. this is called bad design....poorly planned and rushed without testing.
  9. he's the only one who should be killed as soon as possible....nidus laughs at him! Recomend use bramma, lenz, ogris...1 shot.
  10. As long as it's as beautiful and big as cetus I agree. If it's another open world like deimos, I honestly don't want it. Deimos is too small as an open world. Cetus is the best open world of warframe. Fortuna there are many things missing...perrin sequence ship sunk in the lake and a spider floating in the lake (where are the stories or events behind these things that have not yet been explored?) I think before thinking about a new open world should look at fortuna and come up with relevant events or quests.
  11. why kill yourself or beg for "fun" when the game doesn't appeal to you? Better choose something else to play... there are many options. Being Direct and Frank Warframe is an essential game aimed at cosmetics and audiences with "contents" that don't last long. If you still don't understand what the game is then try to understand.
  12. you dont need to do this....nobody is forcing you.
  13. more you play...less you have...this is warframe -.-
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