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  1. I don't know why DE did this after over 2 years....It's one of the best secondary. DE doesn't seem to understand the concept of fun, time invested, and resources on decent weapons. If we look at the amount of good items in the game, it's even a pity. Kuva nukor is one of the best secondary weapons...while the saryn has never been modified. It makes me nauseous.
  2. I just watch devstreams...nothing more. Who watch this youtubers maybe is looking for help in builds. Warframe its very complicated for begginers and for vets its uselles 99% of the time.
  3. I confess that I wasn't excited about these changes...I think DE lacks more creativity. They are very needy.
  4. I would like DE to respect older players more by making game mode that doesn't end in 1 day. Railjack at the beginning was like this....with the corpus railjack update my "endgame" evaporated.... Before the update I was quite satisfied with the railjack because it was something that kept me busy. Now it has been transformed into something that no longer has a name or has lost its identity. Everything in the railjack corpus update was a flop.
  5. Forcing players to play with warframes we don't like is the height of disgust. I think this idea needs further elaboration.
  6. This game mode was supposed to be the "endgame" of veteran gamers....now it has been transformed into a taxi simulator for casual gamers. That's the truth.
  7. What unfortunately I could see in the last update were bad things in the last update. The railjack configuration interface has been transformed into a screen that looks more like a configuration of some warframe or weapon. Very long missions with huge maps, new railjack corpus weapons very bad. The cryophon rework that got bad, too many orhpix missions...railjack equipment that no longer needs improvement...the grind was non-existent and just a few missions for the ship to be strong or almost invincible. I didn't particularly see any improvement in this update... it was for me in my opinion the burial of the railjack. It's extremely easy to build a railjack in less than 1 day. For me it was the "endgame"... now that's unfortunately over. No more challenges, no more farm gears....its everything pointless now.
  8. Because they are anti social?
  9. The best mod is primed footed. Primed fury its more usefull....
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