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  1. Trying to use alternate fire to kill ships in open worlds is quite painful. Like the diplos weapon... they are very wrongly made weapons. I would say....disappointing.
  2. When a weapon is beautiful, everyone calls it "great" or "wonderful".... This weapon still has the same defects as other corpus weapons...slow projectiles just like the other supra, lanka, cestra and many other corpus weapons. Kuva twin stubbas is 100 times better than diplos. A diplos just beautiful but in practice it is a tragedy. The diplos just looks pretty and nothing else. It's a pretty mediocre weapon. Using diplos or any similar weapon in open worlds is a terrible experience. I don't see DE changing this weapon....it is a weapon with a rather dubious design.
  3. Sorry sir! You right! I wiil lgo back and read everything again. /sarcasm.
  4. Maybe you need better gear and good weapons ? Im killing pretty easy.... You need to build a weapon according to their weaknesses.
  5. There's something that makes the community a little afraid to do things in the game. It's not a good environment in my opinion.
  6. They were already relevant weapons before melee 3.0. Now they are in the depths of oblivion. Although they have the possibility if using specific arcanes... they are pretty weak at the moment. They're broken and I very much doubt DE will do anything for them.
  7. Necessity forces players to refine themselves. The more you play this event, the more you know the tactics so that the mission can be completed as quickly as possible. Anyone who thinks it's cheating is because they don't know how the event works or because they don't have enough competence to help the team and just keep looking at the others.
  8. That's the kind of skill that would at best serve as a warframe or sentinel passive...sculptures abound in arbitration missions.
  9. It's not cheating, but knowing how to use the tools available in the game like some warframes that facilitate this like loki and nova. The event itself is quite tedious. I believe that in some remote future the DE remakes this event causing the drone to appear closer. A random team that plays and doesn't know the tactics and warframes will end the hunt and won't even want to do it again most of the time.... DE needs to understand what the word fun actually means. This event should be something pleasant, shortened and less punitive to players. I got the maximum rank with a lot of sacrifice and I confess that I only do it for the shapes....I've lost so many shapes to bad weapons that we feel somehow harmed.
  10. I foresee a shower of problems connecting players on cell phones, consoles and computers...we may see a host migration festival never seen before and maybe even unfair bans due to problems that could arise in this heterogeneous platform environment.
  11. ayatan? After all sorties what i get its only ayatans in 90% of the time.... Every day it seems to get worse....
  12. Grinner weapons is something brute force....not "technician" like envoy... And envoy things its horrible in open worlds...its too much slow to get hit the ships....i can take a nap.
  13. I immediately concentrated on getting the maximum rank on the plague star and got it. I went to see the relics I got at the event....I had at least 10 of each related to strun/nidus/magnum. Problem solved.
  14. This event came at the end of last year with lavos and the weapon cedo. It looks like it was an experimental DE event...I personally didn't like it for a lot of reasons. It's extremely tiring and using the operator, warframe and necramech in tight aisles is quite cumbersome. But then came railjack corpus and I don't know why DE added this mission if no one liked it....if this event comes back I'll definitely ignore it.
  15. The event needs some refinements to demonstrate who actually used the toxins. Some indicator on players showing who used it. In the near future (if there is another event like this). I saw a lot of players trying to deceive the team. Even in closed squads they infiltrate! Or else eliminate this need to put in toxins....only suggestions. Slightly improve the quality of life players...
  16. I was hoping DE would do something special with the nidus...either an umbra version or something different. But the prime option was to get money into the company. That's the only explanation. And the prime version of nidus didn't please anyone. Unfortunately mistakes happen!
  17. I think a lot of corpus railjack stuff will need another rework. The problem with DE is that there are a lot of people doing different things and the result hasn't been good. They are wasting time, money and with that comes criticism. What has to be done in the railjack corpus is the return of the energy flow, the removal of this defense mission, the extermination and in its place put missions similar to the grinner missions which are fast and with smaller maps. And redo the intrinsics that are no longer relevant. For example the option to teleport to the railjack in corpus missions....we can't do that anymore and that takes away the importance of the intrinsic which only works in grinner missions! Redoing the last artillery passive which is actually a downgrade and after so long playing to get the intrinsics is a bit unfair! And the cryophon rework wasn't good either! Reverting to the previous state would be much better!
  18. for challenges like this that are boring and stressful, I recommend doing it as soon as possible. Index is the worst mini-game in warframe and should be done as soon as possible. Usually the most boring challenges are the first ones to be done as soon as they appear in nw. The later you do it the worse....you won't find players because they've already got rid of the worst task of the nightwave.
  19. just do low risk...problem solved. Use wisp flowers to stun enemies....1 in your base and other in enemie base. Khora and limbo helps a lot.
  20. It could also allow the hydroid to have another tentacle swarm active and while the hydroid is in the active area with the skill more tentacles will appear....based on strength or range. And the second skill could be something similar to the lavos skill only it would pick up all the enemies that were in the way and apply a corrosive effect. Once this skill ends all enemies would be in the same place as the hydroid, if they were dragged by the water they will suffer a corrosive effect.
  21. Survival solo steel path you need to kill fast...merciless helps a lot with bramma/ogris/trumna/lenz....etc
  22. mercilles its better and in general we dont need headshot thing....most of the enemies are trash. Why this mod exist? -.-
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