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  1. Please add Duckies in game! I've been waiting for 6 years, and we only have gotten Little Duck (Which is an upgrade to be sure), and I would love to get some nice ducky decorations like a ducky noggle, a ducky glyph, etc.
  2. I've definitely noticed optimizations recently, to quite a major degree, and this article was a great read - I can see that those of us with.... less capable computers aren't left in the dust, and have a better time. Additionally, I learned a couple things I didn't know about, due to the explanation - things that I was curious about, but that there wasn't a great way to find the answers to, so I also really appreciate discovering the reasons behind something I noticed ~4 years ago (on a different computer) The most fantastic part of this is that I was not aware I was even using VSync until reading this article, so I'm easily getting double the frame rate, and can actually probably bump up my resolution settings instead of being stuck.... well below native.... so thank you very much!
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