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  1. Does nightwave tiers stop at 60? I cant get it going even after completing more acts. Its stuck at 10,000/10,000 standing.
  2. Does the nightwave prestige tiers end at 60? I have not been receiving credits for act completion for about 3 weeks now i think. I am stuck at 10,000/10,000 standing and have been completing tasks but no credits. https://imgur.com/c6kez2e https://imgur.com/toylgI0 Are you tracking completions? Can you credit what I have not been credited?
  3. Hi, Is this going to fix the nightwave standing? I have been stuck with 10,000/10,000 for the past weeks. I have completed a bunch of tasks but I get not credits. Please give me my nightwave credits!!!
  4. Can you please fix the ongoing issue where I cant continue the railjack mission because no more fighters or crewships spawn? It has happened to me a lot now and I got stuck in the railjack mission because nothing spawns.
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