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  1. Finally they fixed the Ember Pyraxis Skin. I can now leave the arsenal and not have the Shoulder Pads and Chest plate disappear.
  2. This happened to me too. Before this happened I had 1 Shotgun Riven, 2 Pistol Rivens and a Opticor Crita-insitio riven but for some reason my Shotgun Riven is now a kitgun riven. The only thing I can guess what happen is either this is a bug or DE did this on purpose to stop people from selling their shotgun rivens.
  3. I have been having an issue with the Ember pyraxis skin where the chest plate and shoulder pads won't appear even when I equip them. Has anyone here found a way to fix this problem?
  4. Any plans to fix the issue with the Ember Pyraxis Skin where the Chest Plate and Shoulder Pads won't appear even when equipped?
  5. Ember Pyraxis Skin also has a bug were the Pyraxis Chest Plate and Pyraxis Shoulder Pads won't appear when equipped.
  6. Do we need to buy a ticket to go to the relay this time or can just anyone go to it during the time it is available?
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