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  1. Step to recreate this bug 1. Make sure you have quick thinking equipped 2. Use any ability that effect self (almost every frame have a buff of some kind) 3. Let enemy hit you until you quick thinking activate (it lock you at 2 health) 4. Now every stray hit that your empty WARFRAME take will instantly teleport your operator back into your warframe This bug effectively make operator form unusable if you have any channeled ability or buff active. In actual mission whenever you transference out you will get knocked back into your frame in less than 3 seconds.
  2. I have the same problem as well. Spent almost an hour trying to replicate it, so far it appears randomly sometimes and I don't know how or what trigger it.
  3. I just have the same bug as well but with mirage today, I don't think it's specific to Xaku. EDIT: whoops, this forum is for switch bug. I play on PC and didn't noticed where I am.
  4. Not sure if screenshot with captura is allowed here but I just want to share this with the world. Ash's fabulous day out! More images: Bonus video courtesy of u/aestheoria on reddit
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