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  1. PandaJutsu

    Hotfix 18.4.13

    time to put this into testing
  2. PandaJutsu

    Hotfix 18.4.12: Saryn Prime

    still no .5 ? ? ? ?what is going on?
  3. PandaJutsu

    Hotfix 18.4.11

    weird no focus nerf . . . well ty
  4. I hope they will bring an update today at least T_T however I wont be there to enjoy it :P
  5. PandaJutsu

    Hotfix 18.4.9

    great but still need that focus buff thingy and the duplicate into cores machine get onto those plz
  6. PandaJutsu

    Coming Soon: Devstream #68

    When is the next prime access?
  7. PandaJutsu

    Hotfix 18.4.5

    so when you get a reward you wont get it untill the end of the season not a bad change and since you can trade lens if u want to get a greater lens it isnt that bad that they were place in the non-repeatable category. How ever my question might cause an exploit ill ask since it is yet to early to be determined here it goes: since we can do the mission with diffrent people what will happen when the mission would normaly reward a lens and some members did have that drop before (in the same season) ? Will those members alone get cores and the rest get the lens? or will all members get cores because some team member has that reward checked? I wouldnt like to get the same repeatable part over 25 or 50 cores, so just checking :)
  8. the 11k will be mine :D
  9. PandaJutsu

    Coming Soon: Devstream #67!

    No1 when can we expect the focus changes mentioned in the previous devstream? any eta on those? any new ideas coming No2 What is the least used focus? (Imo it is Unairu) any plans on buffing or changing the ways to make them more appealling? No3 When can we expect the new prime frame ?
  10. PandaJutsu

    Hotfix 18.3.1 +

    please DE fix Conclaive in 2 maps in capture the cephalon cephalons dont even spawn! Also Quests for capturing cephalons cannot keep a proper count already did cap 3 cephs and daily is still at 0/4.
  11. PandaJutsu

    Update 18.3

    now if only the focus changes could have made the update that would be great!
  12. PandaJutsu

    Coming Soon: Devstream #66!

    so here are some questions id like to see answered in the upcoming devstream. 1) Focus Question: What are you plans for the focus system? As it is right now the 75k rep dayly cap pushes even more and more teno to the draco press 3 to win as support frames are left out and other missions dont provide much focus points for support frames. 2) Another focus system question: we know it is still in beta phase and you wanted to deliver as fast as possible, but as it is the only use for focus is use ur 5th ability to get the passives then forget it. So how about fortifing theuse of the ability? what if every recast makes a stronger version or takes less time to activate since transferance becomes stronger and stronger :) 3) Sorties and rewards. Any plans to what comes next? and what happens to the tenno who cannot get their hands on the reward they are after? Will mantis bps and maybe scirmitar bps, make it in the sortie reward list? and some when questions 4)When will the void explode? 5)When will we get the new map interface? Most of my friends are confused with the maps as it is right now:) 6)When will we see cat brows? 7)When will we see more sentients in one mission other than just hit squads?
  13. PandaJutsu

    Update 18.2.0

    no more skiping the 3rd stage time to learn what u need to do boys! wonder how long it will take them to fix the skiping of the 1st stage .. . . lets see
  14. PandaJutsu

    Hotfix 18.1.4 [Spoilers!]

    after this hotfix one guy dced 4 times in a sortie mission . . .