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  1. Honestly you don't need mod packs to monetise mods, trade chat is already doing that for you and both the buyers and sellers are benefiting from it. Just remove mod packs already, it's an obsolete feature and I have no doubt that you'll accomplish nothing from reworking them other than sparking a debate amongst the community.
  2. These mod packs are a complete rip off regardless if you make curated packs or not. Players will always undercut the price of these mods and unless you sell these mods at max rank (which would be considered pay to win in my book) there's no way new players would even be able to use them without significant investment into the game, in which they'll probably earn these mods anyway. Please for the love of god just scrap mod packs, along with credit and endo bundles, they are never worth the ridiculous amount of platinum, and as a guide I can never recommend these to players.
  3. The Saryn 3.0 rework is looking absolutely amazing so far, swapping miasma and spores damage types around just makes sense in the long run since you only needed 1 viral proc to gain the full benefit whereas you'll need many corrosive procs to see a significant difference. Toxic lash now affecting all weapons is also an absolutely amazing change and will no doubt increase the usage of that power. I still feel that Saryn's regenerative molt should just be part of her base kit and not an augment and I really wish that her passive of 25% bonus status duration got bumped even more or changed entirely to something else but overall as a Saryn enthusiast I welcome all of these changes.
  4. Whatever happened to the Arcata (Lunaro ball thrower) being added as a weapon in the game?
  5. I'm loving all of these buffs, they will undoubtedly breathe new life into these weapons. But can you please increase the ammo reserves of the Cestra and Furis family of weapons as well? 210 rounds in the reserves for these weapons just simply isn't enough.
  6. Slash procs right now take into account 35% of the weapon's total damage, we don't know yet if slash procs will do 35% of the weapon's total slash damage or if it will do much more. This might be a nerf to slash damage or a huge buff to certain weapons and a nerf to others, we won't know until the update is out.
  7. I feel that this is just going to alienate more weapons and only encourage the use of high slash damage weapons, slash procs are king and always will be as long as the ridiculous enemy armor scaling remains in this game, since slash procs are the only damage procs that ignore enemy armor. This will also make Hunter Munitions a completely useless mod for some crit weapons like the Amprex, Synapse and Lanka as they have no slash damage at all.
  8. Man I hope that platinum sale comes to us UK tenno sooner rather than later
  9. Yup, the Azima didn't have it's alt-fire when us console players got it. At least we actually had the darn thing, now I feel as if my constant daily activity feels wasted since I won't even get to use my new sword and shield on the day I'm supposed to get it :(
  10. Neither am I, besides there will be plenty of stuff for us to do in the meantime until PoE hits PC
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