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  1. I look forward to the next Obsidian skin, any pre-reveal hints as to what the next skin is?
  2. I always love quick certs like these
  3. It's quite a lackluster update to be honest. The endura isn't anything special and none of the new cosmetics are appealing to me, I'm always grateful for the bug fixes however. That said I'd rather wait a while longer for a new update with more substantial content than rush out a build with nothing in it. Edit: I almost completely forgot about Cyclone Kraken. That's what I look forward to the most
  4. Shuriken is a good ability, seeking shuriken is a great augment for the armor stripping, but sonic fracture from Banshee and Abating link from Trinity are much more effective. Smoke screen is an inferior invisibility/prowl/metronome. Smoke shadow augment requires your teamates to stand still and lasts a very brief moment compared to metronome. Teleport is his strongest ability when combined with the Fatal teleport augment and a covert lethality dagger, although Inaros can open way more enemies up for finishers at a cheaper cost, and recover health on kills. Bladestorm does do a lot of damage (as much as it was prior to the changes) however, it costs way too much energy compared to what it did before and it takes a lot of time to set up the ability, during which any teamate can easily kill the targets. Why would I need to take a long time to set up a clunky ability when I can use any of the many "press 4 to win" frames like Equinox, Mesa, Frost, Banshee, Limbo, Ember, Saryn and even Oberon. I stand by my "nerfed to the ground" comment, and the percentage usage (or lack of) for Ash recently has hit rock bottom.
  5. Good thing that Ash sets will bascially be worth dirt, I have hundreds if not thousands of his relics and his "rework" ruined Ash almost entirely. It's good because people will try and buy his sets now, so I'll sell now, so when players try and sell his stuff once he is gone they are out of luck, also because I have an entire week to not worry about farming him, I can't wait for Oberon prime. Edit: Don't bother farming Ash, Focus entirely on farming Trinity prime sets because she'll be worth a pretty penny once she is gone.
  6. Will we ever be able to have a Sentinel and pet equipped at the same time?
  7. The Chat-pocalypse is upon us!
  8. Meanwhile Status chance still doesn't do anything special over 100% whereas Crit is getting more love :(
  9. So have Zenith riven mods been added with this update? Edit: I just got one from today's sortie =D
  10. Tether grenades is back and better than ever before :P
  11. Or maybe we could get a Shotgun that shoots landmines?
  12. With my Fire rate, multi, -damage to infested my Multishot stat was at 139% and I know that damage can reach as high as 240% Honestly the riven you currently have is a great riven, an upgrade would be a minimal stat boost at a great cost
  13. Also charge attacks should actually be affected by the attack speed of the weapon.
  14. Now that I've finally got my hands on this weapon I can finally give my honest opinion about the gun. In general I love this weapon, it feels and sounds amazing, even though Console has yet to receive the Zenith buffs I'm already pretty happy with where it's buffed stats currently stand. However this weapon desperately needs QoL improvements on it's alternate fire mode that weren't addresed with it's most recent changes. The 20m range of the disc radar is just way too low to be practical, the most you can see through is just 1 wall, at that point you might aswell just move around the wall instead of waiting to see if an enemy moves towards you. 15 second timer seems to be completely pointless, why limit the amount of time the disc can be out for when we can just redeploy the disc in a split second? No HUD indication for the timer is rather annoying, often you'll forget how long the disc has been out for. Even the Zenistar has had a HUD indicator added. Enemy units can destroy the disc, even the Azima and Zenistar disc's are completely immune to enemy fire. 1.00 fire rate for the alt fire makes it very clunky, it can be fixed with the use of fire rate mods but that just makes the primary fire way too ammo inefficient. Here are a few of my suggestions to improve the overall feel of the Zenith's unique mechanic. Increase the range of the radar from 20m to 40/50m, this way you'll be able to pin point enemies in adjacent rooms. Increase the time the disc can remain deployed from 15 seconds to 45seconds (same as Zenistar) or better yet allow it to remain out indefinietly since you're going to be forced to remain near the disc to get the radar's benefits. Add a HUD indicator for time of the Disc (only if DE don't decide to allow the disc to remain out indefinitely). Make the disc immune to enemy damage. Up the fire rate of the Semi-auto mode from 1.00 to 2.00 OR Increase the damage the Zenith Semi-auto mode deals when shooting through obstacles (gimmicky, but encourages the use of the alt fire without outright increasing it's base damage). I know at this point I'm probably regurgitating previous suggestions made by this community and that DE will probably never take a third look at this gun, but for a 500 day login incentive it needs its common issues to be addressed, the Zenith is so close to being in a perfect place and the primary fire is in a perfect spot, it is only the secondary fire that is letting this weapon down.
  15. Never buy anything that people Advertise as "God" riven unless they post the stats. Ideally your want to keep an eye out for the words "Visican" or "Satiata" as they are Damage and multishot stats. For example if you see a riven called "Hek visi-acrican" then that would be a Crit, damage and multishot stats for the riven (pretty much what you would want). However negative stats do not affect the name of a riven mod, so check the stats to see if it has a negative or not and if it does, does the negative greatly affect the performance of the gun. This is just general advise since I've been successful at collecting godly riven mods, however I don't have a Godly Hek riven for sale nor do I know anyone on PS4 who does.