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  1. An update did reset everything once before but that was almost 4 years ago or so, I honestly didn't expect it to happen again. It's a huge pain in the arse for me, instead of playing the new update and enjoying the new content I've now spent the past few hours tweaking my settings back to what they were prior to the update.
  2. I'm happy that Oberon's Hallowed Eruption and Smite Infusion augments are getting some love, but what about his weakest augment Hallowed Reckoning? As of right now Hallowed reckoning creates small zones underneath enemies that deals 150 damage over 10 seconds and provides allies who stand in the zone an additional 250 armor, the real problem is that these zones are absolutely tiny (about 1m wide off the top of my head) and since most enemies survive the reckoning cast you barely get much use out of the damage zones since enemies will just walk out of them. So here's my idea, why not allow the augment to also immobilise the enemies affected just like Mag's fracturing crush augment, add corrosive status procs to each damage tick from the zones to provide additional armor stripping over time, and remove the armor bonus from the zones and instead add the total armor bonus directly to Oberon and allies in the range of Reckoning (say that we change the armor bonus to 100 per enemy affected and Reckoning affects 10 enemies, providing 1000 additional armor to Oberon and any allies in the Reckoning range for the 10 seconds).
  3. Can we please allow all augment mods to be able to use the exilus slot?
  4. The Programme is being retired because a team of 250 players across 4 platforms and all timezones has proven to be ineffective in the long run (especially when you consider that there's around 50 million registered players), the new system is going to encourage the whole community to help each other out, us guides won't be going anywhere, I'll still be helping as many people as I can, but the Guides programme is a waste of resources at this point, and I'd want DE to invest those resources elsewhere.
  5. I'd want to see the moa slowly shutdown and fall on its back only to reboot and jump back up on its feet (idle animation)
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