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  1. One day I hope Easter gets more permanent cosmetics, for a seasonal holiday it barely gets any love from DE, unlike Halloween and Christmas
  2. My Panthera is ready...
  3. I've been searching for a Snipetron riven for months now yet no-one seems to own one. I know they exist on PC but I think Snipetron might be missing from the mod pool, I doubt that it is intentional but I just want to make the developers aware of this potential bug.
  4. When Secondary Buffs/Nerfs come, can the Cestra family have a reload speed, recoil and status buff and can the Angstrum get a hefty damage buff. Love the changes BTW, I can't wait to see what you do to the underused secondaries
  5. I think that whenever DE adds new options for our HUD they should at least add an option to disable the newly added feature. I love the new HUD icons but it's always good to have more options.
  6. For over a year I have pestered [DE]Drew and today, Wyrm's Obsidian skin can finally be used on Wyrm prime. Today is truely a historic day =D
  7. Good luck to all PS4 entries, It's great to see people helping out the community by donating prime sets to players who need them. Personally I would like some arcanes but that's not necessary and people who want them more than me deserve them more. It's like Tennobaum all over again. PSN ID: TheRainbowTurt1e
  8. In before Sony passes cert within the next 24 hours...
  9. No Double resource weekend like the previous years?
  10. My only wishes for the supra vandal is that it gets a small increase to damage, fire rate, magazine capacity and maximum ammo. A status chance increase would also be nice, but the entropy burst augment mod is good enough if you want to turn the Supra into a status machine. Just please don't pull a 'Dera Vandal' on us and increase its pitiful crit chance and crit multiplier.
  11. You probably shouldn't get your hopes up, although I think that we can all agree that having the primary fire shoot 1 arrow that does the full amount of damage and having an alternate fire that shoots the 3 arrows with the damage evenly distributed like it currently does now would be a very nice buff to the Cernos prime.
  12. God Tier Aklex riven? Check Enough ducats and void traces? Check Enough forma? Check 2 prebuilt Lex primes? Check Man I can't wait to get my hands on these bad boys.
  13. I hate to break it to you, but I don't think ember will be unvaulted again for quite a long time, and no-one knows when she'll return :(
  14. Oberon Prime please, with a rework and Tiberon prime
  15. Bruh... It is only 8 credits. No big deal :P