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  1. New Guandao Polearm?

    The values are awfully strange, 24% crit chance and 2.2x multiplier? those are some unique, albeit, mediocre stats.

    Ivara noggle would be much appreciated

    Don't worry, I have been

    I love that you are helping out others in the community, but it is a shame that not many people are aware of your giveaway on this forum :(
  5. PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    Neither am I, besides there will be plenty of stuff for us to do in the meantime until PoE hits PC
  6. Give the Seer some love.

    Do you know what else you can get extremely early on for 50,000 credits? The Lex. Seer does 84 damage with a low status chance, high zoom and no crit chance. Regular Lex recently got buffed and now does 120 damage with a decent 20% crit chance and 2x multiplier. There is no reason that the Seer, a weapon that must be farmed from Captain Vor which also requires an orokin cell to build, should be outclassed by a weapon you can straight up buy for 50,000 credits. So on that note, I believe that the Seer definitely deserves a buff.
  7. List of weapons in need of cosmetic reworks.

    The Snipetron and Lanka need to have distinguishable weapon models (look at the old torid and ogris for example) Also the hind is just a moldy baguette
  8. [U21 Megathread] Weapon Changes Feedback

    So the Detron now has 280 damage while the Mara Detron only has 210? 2.5% crit chance increase and an accuracy increase isn't equal to an extra 70 damage. Why can't the Mara Detron also have 280 damage? It's a terrible sidegrade now. Also I really wanted to see the Cestra family get buffed, but I guess that probably won't happen now
  9. Renown Pack X retires soon!

    I look forward to the next Obsidian skin, any pre-reveal hints as to what the next skin is?
  10. PS4 Oberon Prime 20.6.4 Status [COMING JUNE 12]

    I always love quick certs like these
  11. PS4 Oberon Prime 20.6.4 Status [COMING JUNE 12]

    It's quite a lackluster update to be honest. The endura isn't anything special and none of the new cosmetics are appealing to me, I'm always grateful for the bug fixes however. That said I'd rather wait a while longer for a new update with more substantial content than rush out a build with nothing in it. Edit: I almost completely forgot about Cyclone Kraken. That's what I look forward to the most
  12. Last Chance for Ash, Vectis, and Carrier Primes

    Shuriken is a good ability, seeking shuriken is a great augment for the armor stripping, but sonic fracture from Banshee and Abating link from Trinity are much more effective. Smoke screen is an inferior invisibility/prowl/metronome. Smoke shadow augment requires your teamates to stand still and lasts a very brief moment compared to metronome. Teleport is his strongest ability when combined with the Fatal teleport augment and a covert lethality dagger, although Inaros can open way more enemies up for finishers at a cheaper cost, and recover health on kills. Bladestorm does do a lot of damage (as much as it was prior to the changes) however, it costs way too much energy compared to what it did before and it takes a lot of time to set up the ability, during which any teamate can easily kill the targets. Why would I need to take a long time to set up a clunky ability when I can use any of the many "press 4 to win" frames like Equinox, Mesa, Frost, Banshee, Limbo, Ember, Saryn and even Oberon. I stand by my "nerfed to the ground" comment, and the percentage usage (or lack of) for Ash recently has hit rock bottom.
  13. Last Chance for Ash, Vectis, and Carrier Primes

    Good thing that Ash sets will bascially be worth dirt, I have hundreds if not thousands of his relics and his "rework" ruined Ash almost entirely. It's good because people will try and buy his sets now, so I'll sell now, so when players try and sell his stuff once he is gone they are out of luck, also because I have an entire week to not worry about farming him, I can't wait for Oberon prime. Edit: Don't bother farming Ash, Focus entirely on farming Trinity prime sets because she'll be worth a pretty penny once she is gone.
  14. Coming Soon: Devstream #93!

    Will we ever be able to have a Sentinel and pet equipped at the same time?
  15. PS4 Octavia's Anthem (Oberon Prime Access + Hotfixes)

    So have Zenith riven mods been added with this update? Edit: I just got one from today's sortie =D