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  1. The lack of developer communication regarding these long standing issues is alienating. People have been asking for "/reloadui" for at least as long.
  2. WHERE: Arsenal, etc... WHAT: (Steel Meridian) "Champion Sigil", "Freedom Fighter Sigil", and "Rebellion Sigil". EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: These Sigils should not be reflective (every other sigil is not). ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: These Steel Meridian Sigils are reflective, causing them to still be visible even with dark colors or low alpha. RECOMMENDATION: Setting the reflective property to a value of zero, should cause them to display properly. NOTES: Not everyone wants these sigils to show. These are the only 3 syndicate sigils that have this problem. With the others, if you turn th
  3. If it helps anyone in Survival missions, at the 5 minute mark, extraction will show. At this time, run toward extraction, but instead of exiting, find a room to hold up in. This way, when you're ready to leave, you're right there. If I'm with a farming squad, we all go together in that room to AoE farm. Sometimes extraction will show between the whole 5-10 minute mark, but not always. It's best to figure your escape route right at 5 minutes.
  4. "Whilst a Vasca Curative exists, it does not protect against future infections." https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Vasca_Virus
  5. Did you make a customer support ticket about this. I see complaints going back to 2018 and no response from DE. Not fun to potentially waste an hour or more of time in Survival. This is one of the cases where just a little bit of feedback from DE would go a long way.
  6. QUEST: The War Within SECTION: The Golden Maw - Part I EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: To be able to use sprint, with a mouse and keyboard, as per the quest instructions. ACTUAL RESULT: Sprint is not accessible within this Mission. WORK AROUND: Plug in an X-box controller and use sprint once from there. Sprint should now operate normally with mouse and keyboard. DESCRIPTION: I was watching my wife get through first Golden Maw trial where you have to quickly move from rock to rock in Operator form whilst injured. We noticed that the game gave instructions to use sprint, even though
  7. FIX: Request Mission Failure Imminent Limit Increase from 1 minute to 5 minutes. PROBLEM: Sixty seconds is extremely harsh and doesn't even give you a chance to leave. My wife is pretty new to the game and we were trying to find caches together on Uranus. Having trouble with the last one, we got the warning and I immediately ran to extraction. Since the extraction timer is 60 seconds, even if you took one second to get to extraction, if the other person doesn't make it in that time, everyone loses. Mission Failed for all. EDIT: Yes this is most missions, but in this case, it was sabo
  8. Occasionally, after being staggered, jump no longer works at all. Rebinding key does not help. X-box controller was plugged in at the time, but I can not confirm this is always the case when this happens. Possibly related to switching between Xbox and Keyboard/Mouse controls? Workaround: Using melee weapon usually works. However, sometime this doesn't work and the only thing that breaks it is a self-stagger. Possible related thread:
  9. I meant more in you can't just go claiming everything. It also helps to see if the weapon you made can be sold or must you hang onto it for further crafting. But yeah, paying for foundry slots sounds awful.
  10. I can't tell if this person is trolling, since this is a toxic idea. You already have to plan ahead because of a limit on crafting—It's called weapon slots and warframe slots.
  11. Wow. That was fast! Thanks for the reply. It is both appreciated and reassuring!
  12. Occasionally, when throwing the Pathocyst, a maggot egg will spawn, but fail to hatch. This leaves the egg in an endless sound and animation loop stuck in the hatching state. The animation is not so, but the endless smick-smack sound loop gets irritating fast. Perhaps there is a way to uncheck the "loop" flag for the sound effect? Of course it would be best if this bug didn't occur at all, but perhaps disabling the loop would help if it did.
  13. Apparently, no on from DE is on the forums? It seems people have been complaining about this for the better part of a decade and there is no response from DE regarding many issues. It gives the impression that they don't care. Communication is important.
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