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  1. Keep getting error when trying to connect to servers and network. Seems to be across all platforms i believe.
  2. Still not seeing a fix for last misson for sister of parvos where you cant extract. I can confirm its still happening after this hotfix.. There has been numerous reports on this. And no word from anyone on this issue.
  3. Great hotfix today.. Cant even finish the content. Have done this mission at least 12 times always same bug at end.
  4. Sisters of parvos quest still broken after hotfix.. Cannot extract from railjack.
  5. No fix to last mission in sisters of parvos on the railjack..? Its bugged. Sometimes you cant leave. Sometimes you leave but it tells you you need to re enter. Ive tried 4 different times and cant complete the mission without some sort of bug at the end.
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