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  1. Kubrows (companions and wild) make soul crushing, injured sounds constantly. What player likes that? What designer thought players would want to hear unambiguous, authentic, kicked-dog yelps hundreds of times per play session? It makes Kubrow companions flatly unusable for me, heck I avoid Earth missions because of it. I may be overly sensitive but I'm surely not alone.. dogs have been a beloved part of the human experience since long before games existed. Or math. We are averse to hearing them suffer. Without exaggerating, I cannot fathom how that decision was made. Please consider revisiting it.
  2. One thing that's super easy to overlook is mute. Browser and mobile can tell if the player is muted which means no view count for the stream, and no credit for the viewer (regardless of channel, ymmv ofc).
  3. Link, re-link, pre 2.0 drops, these terms don't really mean anything to most of us. Even this pictured syandana is unhelpful as I've had it from linking ... many links ago. A clear demarcation could really help a lot.
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