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  1. More than two years later and you're still right. That whole #*!%ing zone is the direct or opposite of fun. #*!% that S#&$.
  2. The eye stabbing 2D sprites on many enemy flame attacks (I think Chroma does something similar) is pretty unpleasant and distracting in a sea of otherwise stunning visuals. They don't even really provide information to the players, as they're 2D in 3D space with poor distance scaling besides. Definitely the only thing I'd call a pure angry eyesore in the game. Mercy! If it matters I'm on PS5. clem
  3. Picking colors across the spectrum isn't difficult (even for Clem-brains like me) so it's even cooler that CCG+ got involved to add legitimacy and substance. This will be my first Dog Days and I'm looking forward to it👍
  4. What's wrong with them? I just made one the other day and it seems alright. It is my first saw and first nikana too, so I've no idea what to look for.
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