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  1. I believe they where nerfed but then rebuffed.
  2. Keep in mind I have the immortal skin for her.
  3. Head shots do count on Tenno, and saying Tenno don't have hit boxes is technically saying we can't be hit at all.
  4. Don't know about that, haven't used them. I also very rarely get head shots.
  5. Post U14, there are no one shot weapons anymore. They broke the damage. D:
  6. Turn off all of the things in display except runtime tessellation and keep vertical sync on auto.
  7. I usually listen to techstep or neurofunk mixes but I've been listening to the Metroid Prime OST lately.
  8. So I tried to do the alert for one of the Hydroid helmets and I lost the session while loading. When I got back to the ship I checked and the alert wasn't there anymore. I basically got cheated out of a helmet. -_- Edit: And then it came back... what the hell game, make up your mind!
  9. Yeah, I can tell which weapons are which by sound.
  10. You can change the sheath's color in the attachments section.
  11. People don't use Valkyr that much because she doesn't have any crowd control abilities (unless you count Warcry). Valkyr is the best tank out of all the frames though, she is basically indestructible. You also probably don't see Valkyrs a lot because Valkyr is what most players who solo play as, though she is amazing for reviving allies. :P
  12. Your suppose to rush ahead when you have a timer, you where in the right. Hell I rush even without a timer. XD
  13. Why would us PvP players shout it down, more options are better. -_-
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