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  1. Looks like some good steps, but here's some other areas that would be beneficial: Fix the Global vs Local rotation Switching something to "Global" then attempting to rotate it doesn't have the item snap to the "Global" grid if it was already adjusted prior This wasn't always the case, but it got broken along the way Allow "NoClip" for the Decorate Mode Allow the ability to adjust the XYZ/YAW values of an object Thumbnails need an update Various objects have been changed without their thumbnails being updated There aren't many Gr
  2. I've been getting that feeling from them for a while. Steve seems more interested in the tech behind the game and Scott seems to not really care about it in the slightest. I get the mindset of not taking their work home with them, but at least with Scott, he doesn't even seem interested in hearing the opinions of the community. Then we have other areas like the riven system which is now just such a joke that only really comes out of the minds of people who don't play the game (Really? Weapon variants now having different riven stats that don't even show to other players u
  3. Purely the fact that DE has been unable to consistently update Nightwave in a timely manner since NW1 is the core issue. They used to do regular events that weren't just copy/pastes from the previous year. Sorties were supposed to have seasons before DE was unable to maintain that properly as it also required consistent updates and schedules. So... yeah... their history doesn't make this look good. Doesn't mean they can't make good content, but just sticking to a schedule has always been their week area. They bloat what was supposed to just be a replacement for Alerts (which it reall
  4. Please just look into ending Nightwave in its current form. It simply doesn't work and DE itself has had a bad track record of content that requires consistent updates and maintenance; Nightwave isn't the first in that regard by a long-shot. Remove the "story" that ends up not meaning much and is barely remembered. People would rather have things like New War, and other "proper" story content. Remove Nora from Nightwave, she's honestly just annoying and doesn't add anything meaningful. Surprised that we still don't have a way to mute her constant &
  5. I'm more saying to retire Nightwave in its current form, then replacing it with a more solid system that is streamlined that can fill the same end-goal. The Halo Collection's Challenge System is actually a really good model that I wish DE used instead. That one is just a simple: 1. Do a challenge. 2. Get rewarded for the challenge. No other weird steps like having to get XP just to rank up. Just a simple reward for completing what you were shown.
  6. Think it's time to sunset Nightwave after this season and return to something more similar to Alerts. Could even streamline it to where you do an Alert and you get Nightwave Credits and can then spend them on various rotating store-items. No more "story" tie in that ends up making it all go on for way too long. And a "story" that ultimately doesn't mean much once the season is over. No more annoying characters that talk way too much with no way to be muted. Easier to manage and keep on a regular schedule. Nightwave was an ambitious idea bogged down by som
  7. Will dojos ever be fixed up? The coloring is still pretty bad since an update a while back where golds look more mustard than anything else. Shadows & lighting still have pop-in issues. Various objects have seen their colors changed randomly (just look at the thumbnail for the ceremonial circle trim vs its actual in-game version now). Would be nice to see some attention given to those areas as they only end up looking worse and worse as they're routinely ignored by any lighting improvements.
  8. E: Necessary evil. The immense layers of RNG are what increase the prices of rivens and where a lot of purchased platinum ends up going, they give a reason for a sizable chunk of the playerbase to even purchase platinum at all. I'll use the system to its extent by rolling rivens to both use and sell, and while it is a flawed system, if it was too "easy" to get what you wanted out of it, then the prices of rivens would drop dramatically, and DE would have to create some other area for easy revenue. So rivens are a necessary evil as they can be ignored without missin
  9. Destroying a barracks will not reduce the tier. Only way to reduce the tier is by doing so within the ESC Menu while in the dojo (and if you have the proper rights). It is also not possible to reduce the tier if the amount of players within the clan cannot fit within the reduce tier amount.
  10. Just going to quote my response to someone else wanting Battle Royale in Warframe. While I, and many others, most likely wouldn't leave over DE adding it in, it would show a fundamental issue with DE and how they really don't know the game anymore and really are only trying to forcefully add in whatever the latest trend is of the time. While they have done so in the past (Archwing when space-flight sims were popular, Trials when Destiny was popular, PoE after most games these days trying to have an open world), Battle Royale just simply wouldn't work as the game is PvE fo
  11. They already waste their time on other moronic ideas (Frame Fighters, Peculiar Mods), best to not add another to the pile.
  12. Just all sporadic, though only thing being that they alternate between Vandal and Wraith. ...but we are talking about DE here... so they could always change things on a whim, lol.
  13. While no one knows what the next Wraith would be (though I'm betting on Ogris), it'll be a Vandal weapon up next; Viper Wraith was the most recent of the Wraith/Vandal group.
  14. Yeah, true, when it comes down to it, both were terrible. Just for me, anything tied to that extremely dull bounty system automatically makes any "event" at the top of my "hated events" list.
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