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  1. It appears that DE added a width of 980px to .site_header-inner, which is then causing this as it isn't default IP Board behavior. Additionally, it is specifically within their custom CSS. Maybe they'll fix it, though there are numerous issues within the CSS that haven't been fixed in years. An extremely simple one being the background image still doesn't fit the page at higher resolutions on desktop.
  2. Had me worried for a second. Newer version is definitely an improvement, still quite a few unskinned areas, so hope there will be some more fixes to the theme.
  3. Clan: Lone Rangers Tier: Moon Platform: PC Role: Warlord / Architect Featured Image: Album: https://imgur.com/a/u5h3txc
  4. Not sure what's going on, but not getting one every 20min anymore. Worked well in the beginning, but now it seems only 1 every 1-2 hours. Also, The Xaku card doesn't have the number on it which the other warframe cards have.
  5. In all honesty, would be nice if the end-of-mission music was optional.
  6. It's an interface designed to appeal to non-players and to also work as a mobile interface. ...neither of those being something positive. Just to make a simple list of all the ways it's actually pretty terrible: Large tiles instead of a detailed list which a detailed list would provide more information and take up less space A lot of empty space. Wasted space for a pointless "warframe showcase" with dumb poses. DE talked originally of how by expanding the main page, the game would remember that you kept it expanded. This obviously wa
  7. Haven't had a chance to check the new end-of-mission screen until now and wow... it needs a lot of work. I remember there being talk of it saving what state you left it as (either having it expanded or not), and then there's all of that wasted empty space. Then there's the extra clicks that you need just to see stats, too. It definitely feels like a screen made for a mobile game, especially with its large tiles and the large amount of unused space (which is pretty usual with a mobile game). Also, you guys need to remember that overexposure to certain elements is a
  8. Another riven topic where all feedback will be ignored. Still nothing on how dividing up riven dispositions between weapon variants was an incredibly bad move as not only did it open up the door for people to falsely advertise what the riven they're selling would be in regards to its stats (as it only lists the "Fits In" stats if you own that other variant), but it's just incredibly unnecessary and hurts the riven system as a whole. Additionally, continually hitting weapons that require a large amount of investment (Kuva weapons and their 5 forma requirements) is never a good
  9. While I get that change, can we also see an adjustment to make the controls for Heavy Attacks consistent? Holding Quick Melee for a Heavy Attack is more fluid than having it be a separate keybind, and having had to use the Xoris only was a reminder of that. Heavy Attacks currently are just clunky to use, and all that really needs to be done is have a Toggle within the settings for if a person wants to have "Hold Quick Melee for Heavy Attack", then can still keep a separate line in the keybind configurations area.
  10. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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