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  1. Sean

    Forum Upgrades ...or really lack thereof

    Here we are, more than halfway through October, and DE refuses to even address any feedback. Still nothing to address the build information despite this post: ...which even then isn't an accurate statement since the block doesn't need to be as big as it is since it's really just 4 short lines of text. Why not just discuss it and be transparent @[DE]Drew? Trying to be as opaque as possible only hurts civil discussion. As it is, there does not appear to be a team handling the CSS and forum structure @[DE]Marcus, this is why I said that the individual should be pinged, and no, I never said to spam. Should only be done when relevant, in this case, it most certainly is.'s like pulling teeth when trying to give constructive feedback to DE. It's not like this takes up numerous people or even days of work, one person could get it all done within a matter of hours. 😕
  2. Sean

    Halloween event 2018 3rd alert

    Based on what I've seen of DE's behavior, they do seem to prefer to just push things out in only the bare minimum of states... even the forum "upgrades" are a testament to that.
  3. Sean

    Halloween event 2018 3rd alert

    I often wonder if they ever actually try their content prior to release. There's numerous areas in the map that need to be patched up and the AI needs tuning, and both of those are easy to see if one actually plays it.
  4. Sean

    Devstream #118 Overview!

    Going to ignore the questions (much like DE ) issue for a moment here, and focus on something else... In the overview link, why is it that you guys STILL refuse to disable autoplay? That is so ridiculously simple to do and would save an immense amount of headache when going to those pages. If you need help on that, @[DE]Taylor, then follow this link: It can be added into the link for the embed itself.
  5. Sean

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    What purpose does gating ayatan auto-install behind MR10 serve? That just seems bizarre to lock a QoL feature to only certain players.
  6. Platform: PC Tier: Moon Clan: Lone Rangers Alliance: Lone Regiment Role: Warlord / Architect Album:
  7. Sean

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    If only that were true for any non-fluff question... 😕 If questions are actually going to be answered, then here's two: With the new rooms being added to dojos, will the dojo room capacity of 101 ever see an increase? Will platinum within a clan's vault ever serve a real purpose, such as usable to buy market decorations specifically for a dojo?
  8. Sean

    Inspiration Hall Skybox

    Problem with the Observatory is that its skybox prevents building rooms above it on a different floor and would be the same for the Inspiration Room if it also had a higher skybox. Would be better to just allow the skyboxes to be interchangeable.
  9. It isn't tied to when you made your account, but actually to 0:00 UTC. Though on a side note... I do wish both syndicate/sortie reset timers were matched up with the daily login timer... always seemed strange that they were on two different schedules.
  10. Yep. That new scarf needs to be moved to some new slot, and not just added to the base armor. If they don't want to add a new slot, then just give everyone who bought the old version a "Legacy" variant.
  11. Definitely something wrong based on that image. Take any images to support, hopefully that mod can be talked to. Regardless though, a moderator NEEDS to inform people if they are banning. Hiding after banning someone only shows that individual to be exceptionally petty, and if they can't even defend their own actions, then they shouldn't be a moderator.
  12. Sean

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.2

    Edit: This hotfix actually resolved the lighting issue, lol. So... 10/10 hotfix 😄 Will instead just link to this bug report:
  13. Still a few active in 23.10.1 (mainline).
  14. When using a controller and swapping to using Melee-Only Mode, AimGlide does not work. Controller + AimGlide + Guns = Working Kb/M + AimGlide + Anything = Working Controller + AimGlide + Melee = Not working