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  1. Sean

    The Problem with FEATURED DOJOS

    Wouldn't be surprised if DE forgot that alliances even exist, lol.
  2. Sean

    Devstream 120 Overview!

    How is autoplay STILL a problem? It is extremely simple to disable from the embed.
  3. Sean

    my clan doesnt register on this website

    The clan system on the forums is nothing more than IP Board's group functionality. There's zero linking between it and the game as DE never expanded upon the barebones system that they are using, and still quite a few bugs that DE brought into it themselves (such as how privacy options can only be adjusted on creation). If you want a listing on the forums, then just create one from the below link.
  4. Easiest solution to all of this: Make it a new game mode for Conclave that is basically just taking the 4 v 1 modes that were popular a few years ago. Maybe this would even breathe new life into Conclave and DE then doesn't make the moronic decision to force PvP into PvE.
  5. Sean

    Could this prevent plat fraud?

    A lot of people legitimately buy platinum to then use in that moment, it is rare for people to just buy platinum to only hold onto it. Forcing people to do something as backwards as sending something through the mail is then not taking into account location (on the user's part) and cost (on DE's part).
  6. Sean

    Could this prevent plat fraud?

    That wouldn't work and would only serve to annoy / frustrate the majority of plat-purchasers. They could limit fresh-accounts (or first time purchasers) from spending their purchased platinum for a minimum of 3 business days, but even that may be "too far". Though the better alternative is for DE to not penalize the victims in these scenarios and have a "snapshot" saved of the trade and reverse purchases made that required the gained platinum of that trade and also return any and all items to their rightful owners.
  7. Sean

    Fortuna Just Didn't Do It For Me

    Honestly in the same boat here, and I think it's just down to the grind. I don't really feel the "itch" to grind as it just feels worse overall within Fortuna. Fortuna looks really nice, but it does seem they repeated a few of the same issues with PoE, such as how Fortuna is once again in its own little bubble that is completely detached from the rest of the game. Even just putting caches of various resource from both PoE and OV into other tilesets on other planets would go a long way in actually connecting the open world areas with the rest of the game.
  8. Sean

    A Response to DE Scott on Riven Stat-locking

    The randomness in rivens is what helps drive up their prices, so allowing stat-locking (and thus reducing randomness) will never happen.
  9. Sean

    Dorm rooms in Dojo?

    There is a hard-cap of 101 rooms, so just using up full rooms can be an easy way to hit that exceptionally low cap. One way that you can do is to just build something within the Inspiration Hall.
  10. Sean

    Stop ruining my Operator...

    Just dropping images in doesn't work around 85% of the time currently, you'll have to click "Insert Other Media" -> "Insert Image from URL".
  11. Now that can depend on how active you expect yourself to be as fully funding all research for a clan is going to be a heavy resource-sink, one that you may not be able to afford when also having to build just about all items you can (as I'm assuming you are completely new and not transferring account data from PC, so won't be starting off with a nice stash of resources). So... I'll make a list of things to consider... It is nice to have your own clan, especially so early Possible player-gains from being early are high, so you could potentially hit the player cap fairly quickly (highest player cap is 1000 per clan) When researching, it is good to stay as a Ghost Tier clan (lowest one and capped at 10 players) as that will keep resource-costs much lower Resource costs scale based on tier (If Ghost would be x1 as "base" costs, then Shadow is x3 that amount, Storm is x10, Mountain is x30, and Moon is x100) For example, Hema is a pain to farm for as the research requires 500k Mutagen Samples at Moon Tier (the highest tier for a clan), but at Ghost, it is only 5k which is pretty easy's an idea that looks good on paper, but in actual implementation is pretty poor Creating a Barracks is what increases your clan's tier To add a custom image for your clan (a 128x128 png), you will have to spend 150p to upload it (would be on this page if you are a Warlord of a clan) You still have to spend 35p to buy the actual emblem for you to equip Pigments, along with all other research, give XP for Clans, and are the absolute worst to research due to how DE implemented them and it takes a MINIMUM of 50 days to fully research all of them One can only be researched at a time and each one takes 36 hours to fully research I'm factoring in the 5 that Fortuna added as I assume Fortuna will be brought to the Switch within 50 days from now Also, here's a few pages I suggest to look over just so you can be 100% informed: So... boiling it all down, it will be effort and also quite tedious, but can be worth it. If you can get another 9 people that will be extremely active (and maybe a handful that were transfers from PC with a sizable resource stash) to help fully fund everything while at Ghost Tier, then you should be good. Otherwise, it may be too exhausting and so joining another would then be preferable.
  12. Honestly the friendly-fire aspect of those lasers should have been removed ages ago as the only times they really get used is by players just starting out that end up killing their teammates or by trolls. Any player whose been around for a while (and isn't an asshole) knows to not use them.
  13. You won't find too much as you are on the Nintendo Switch due to how new Warframe is on that platform. Any clan that exists currently on the Switch will be in their infancy and dealing with getting their research fully funded, so if you are looking to join one that is already at 100%, you will be waiting for a couple weeks at least. And none will have the Ignis Wraith on the Switch.
  14. Would be nice if it could create a more localized session, so you could still invite up to 3 people for a squad, and instead of running through a dedicated server, it would just be P2P like any other mission. Not really much is gained by having all the other players around anyways.
  15. It's not much of an event, the ghouls are basically just an alert that happens far too often. Once you get the two weapons and Hunter mods, then you can just ignore them and you won't miss anything.