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  1. Noticed some people already in clans that were looking for invites, please make sure you are not currently in one for us to be able to send you a clan invite. The game does not allow for clan invites to be sent to those already in a clan. Thank you. 🙂
  2. So are we just going to repeat history here? Like back when the Clubs feature was first enabled and both it and the dark-theme being left in an unfinished state, and then complete silence on what was going on. Same as back then, the lack of transparency isn't the way to go, though this time it being worse since there is no replacement for the clan-system being removed.
  3. That Ephemera and Armor look like they need another quality-pass. Going to be the first year I skip the Digital Tennocon Ticket.
  4. What really makes their choice on removing the clans page into a bad one is it being done with zero notice and not allowing any discussion on it. Then only made worse by not even having anything ready-to-go to replace it. It's never a good move to simply remove something with nothing to take its place immediately.
  5. What? I have people waiting to receive clan invites and now they cannot as I can't even see their names due to this decision. Please revert this.
  6. Bugs: Aborting a Railjack Mission after fully completing one prior will result in the loss of all Bonus XP from that Mission Chain Aborting a Railjack Mission after fully completing one prior can result in the loss of all Rewards from that Mission Chain Completing multiple Railjack Missions and returning to a Dojo Drydock after can result in the loss of Bonus XP from that last mission Aborting a Railjack Mission may require a force closure of the game as the Mission Failed screen can run at 1 FPS. Moving from one Railjack Mission immediately to another Railjack Mi
  7. Add transparency to Mission Complete screens Allow the ability to disable seeing other players' frames in this screen as it's just a waste of space Add text-shadow to Mission Progress (hold TAB) text as white text in a white environment leads to invisible text The popup effects (visual and audio) with the Progress Menu are overkill, and even leads to a loss in FPS Honestly, the design lately is more style than substance, with a lot of new areas not even matching other new areas. The latest changes have very little consistency and hurt usability.
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