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  1. Just want to clarify one thing, I don't think it would be a wise choice to have these items tradeable as then mule accounts would then begin cropping up. It is nice how you do have to put some time into receiving these weapons and mods, and it really should stay that way. The only thing that's really needed is a way for people to catch up, and the best way is to reward those that login consecutively with the multiplier. So say you login for 300 days straight, each day could now count as login days. If, for example, that system existed now where the current maximum for the login reward system is 991, that number would still be the maximum possible as the multiplier would do nothing if you are "capped"; it would only exist to allow people to catch up to where others are, and only those logging in consecutively would earn that.
  2. While I'm not 100% for the current planned changes, it is still significantly better than the system implemented now. I personally think that if you login consecutively enough, then you build up a multiplier to get you to the major-rewards quicker, still being capped at the same maximum, but this would allow for a "catch up" mechanic. Miss a day, then your multiplier resets. Though back to your post specifically, if you're only playing a game for exclusive stuff, then that's a pretty boring game to play.
  3. Sean

    Clans leader change

    You'll have to reach out to DE Support and it will go to the person who is of the highest rank has been in there the longest.
  4. Sean

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.2

    Nice seeing the Nikana Dax Skin fixed, still some other energy colors to go. Also some issues with controls and new dojo items..
  5. Glacier Placeholder objects have collision Several Ice Objects are invisible upon being selected Ice Stalagmite (Large) Ice Stalagmite (Small) Ice Wall (Large) Ice Formation (Curve) Will update if I come across anything new.
  6. Sean

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.4.1

    Have you used a lot of promo codes recently and did any of them say "invalid" or "already used"?
  7. Here we are in 23.4.0... and nothing.
  8. Sean

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.4.0

    It's not about not liking it, it's about it being a waste of development resources when there's still numerous other bugs that need to be fixed and changes needed to be implemented. This thing will be played people for the next month, then immediately forgotten about and left unused.
  9. Sean

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.4.0

    Finally Frame Fighters is out! That means you guys can go back to meaningful content! ...who am I kidding, it'll be something else equally dumb.
  10. Sean

    Some might hate me for this. . .P.S. spoilers

    Did you quote the wrong person? None of what you said applied.
  11. Sean

    Some might hate me for this. . .P.S. spoilers

    While I wouldn't go that... extreme... I do think it'd make sense and be better narratively if the Lotus was killed off. Might even be healthier for the community as a whole... some people take the whole "spacemom" bit way beyond just a mild joke.
  12. Sean

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    Option to disable the virtual cursor and allow arrow keys to move correctly through the interface like before? Will Dojo Room Capacity finally be increased beyond only 101? Will the resolution of clan badges ever be increased to something that scales better? Will Clan Management ever see improvements? Auto-Kicking based on inactivity (with options per rank), revoking pending invitations after X amount of days, listing people's join dates in-game. Can clans within an alliance be able to join other dojos within that alliance without needing an invite? Will issues with newer controller changes finally be fixed? Option to disable Peculiar Mod audio and visuals? (similar to how Octavia's music can be disabled)
  13. Sean

    Peculiar Fart

    There's a difference between wacky and idiotic, peculiar mods fall in the latter. Like I said anyways, it can always be a toggle.
  14. Sean

    Peculiar Fart

    Peculiar mods are already a bad idea and a waste of dev time, so no. Not unless they finally give an option to allow people to disable them just like Octavia's music, but being able to disable the visuals as well.