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  1. I remember there being something with specific glyphs not updating properly, try a more "common" one and then clear your cache and re-log. That may be something on your end as I see it over here.
  2. Both are still covered within my suggestion and aren't any more difficult on the player-side of things than what is already implemented. By default, the same filter we know of today would be enabled and could still be updated by DE. The only thing that differs is that a player could actually have it on and have it affect everything, so that would include weapon names, chat, and even the text visible in dojo. Basically wherever text can load in for a player would pass through a filter and be changed, thus preventing a need for players to have to see it. To take it a step further, If it is in a text-chat, players could even given an option on HOW removals are handled, so that could be from either switching to a static-amount of asterisks (so a 4 letter world could still be shown as **) or even just removing the full line of chat. Even going so far as to auto-ignore users who trigger that individuals filter. Then on top of all of that, players could add words into their own list, ones that are unique to their language or ones that wouldn't really work within a "global" filter applied to all players. People can still be reported as normal. Other players that don't really care about what is said in text could then be given an option to turn off this the entire profanity filter. People shouldn't have to try and figure out why their normal word is being blocked like what was mentioned in the OP. People should be given the tools to defend themselves instead of having this overbearing and overreaching system that is also very ineffective in anything non-English. It all boils down to effort though... and this area is not something DE has ever been keen on improving.
  3. ...or you put it in the hands of the players and allow them to create their own filters with an option to not even have one at all. Default list there to start with the current set of words, then people can add on if they want.
  4. The profanity filter is only for chat and doesn't prevent popups like what you got or even bans. The only thing it does is replace some words (in chat only) with asterisks, but even words not covered by the profanity filter (like "ass", so "assassin" is affected) will give popups like the one you encountered. It's a pretty absurd system, tbh.
  5. 1. Agreed. 2. Demolysts should be colored in a way that matches the conduit they are for. 3. This varies on tile... which isn't a good thing. It should balanced for each room and a run shouldn't be automatically nuked just because you got a bad roll of the dice on the tile used for the conduits. The mode itself is a good idea as it requires a bit more thought, but needs some tweaking.
  6. huh... still no status update or clarification by @[DE]Megan or at least someone. A lot of holes there and a lack of someone trying to fill them in, and logging into the fourm to create a post shouldn't be too difficult. To reiterate: The delay isn't the issue here. It is the reasoning that was given does not actually "fit" as why is it NOW that sync for this recurring event is suddenly an issue.
  7. The people who are saying things along that line are in the far minority. The main issue is the lack of a reason to have things sync up at all as they have never needed to in the past, so this delay feels arbitrary.
  8. They should probably up the resolution of clan (and alliance) badges then as having them blown up to sigil-scale (and even dojo-banners) shows them all a bit too pixelated (not much can be done with a 128x128 image). So that may be as to why it isn't implemented currently.
  9. The main issue isn't so much that there is a delay, it is the lack of a satisfactory reason for a delay. People would be more understanding if there was a reason as for why NOW it is suddenly important to have this recurring event be synced across platforms.
  10. Purposefully gimping something just to satisfy old and ancient hardware is not very smart. In the next couple years, there's going to be some major jumps in affordable CPUs and GPUs, so trying to appease a low end dual-core CPU users would be wrong. There will still be optimizations, but there are always limits and upgrades.
  11. The answer is simple: It just wouldn't make for good video-content. Still not interested in watching WF on YouTube or Twitch, but a "concept" video just sounds so far down the list in what could garner views.
  12. Suggestion: Replace "3 Orokin Cells" with "1 Orokin Cell Blueprint". While to some, like myself, this won't be much of an addition (I already have quite a few of those blueprints), this would at least give the option to those that want it. Though would also suggest tweaks to the cost when making an Orokin Cell as, in all honesty, they are far greater than what they should be.
  13. Using Steam's percentage is not a good metric to go by. Immediately, you already have to remove 43.6% of that 100% apparently 43.6% couldn't even find one mod. Further on, only 19% acquired TWO warframes? So maybe we should really only be looking at 19% of whose being tallied in there, though only 17.1% even hit MR1. Only 2.3% made a zaw, only 0.8% made a moa, but yet 1.1% unlocked the Grand Master (MR30) achievement? (lol) And these are only those that use Steam at all for Warframe, which only further skews the data there. So when taking into account what looks more as the "active" playerbase, that 1.1% that you are citing is actually much, much higher, and hitting max rank in Solaris United is a pretty low-bar of entry to fight the Profit Taker.
  14. Then maybe they should follow their own standards. If they cannot fit within the standards they set, then the standards are flawed.
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