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  1. Nice changes. 😄 Can there be an option though on the "Virtual Cursor", ever since it's inclusion, it makes navigating with the arrow keys in various lists (such as the ESC menu) into an annoyance since then the cursor just hops around the entire screen to different elements.
  2. Still unable to donate the acolyte & stalker noggles to dojos.
  3. Already posted this in the Dev Workshop topic over here, but....
  4. Here's some ways to actually make the system not be terrible: Have the guesses run through each Parazon Mod spot even on an initial fail This reduces the grind as a person can see how many of their Parazon mods are incorrect in their current placement. Allow unwanted Kuva weapons to be turned in for "Kuva Points" This would allow players to then spend these points on various items that could be alternatively acquired via RNG from the Liches Have the "Kuva Point Store" contain the various items that the Liches can drop. Have the weapons use their RNG-formula on the stats, with those stats rotating every-so-often, but have the Ephemeras permanent fixtures. This would allow Ephemeras to be available in the manner that fits with the original intention of Ephemeras ("...can only be earned and crafted by the brave"). Reduce the amount of forma to max a Kuva weapon. The idea of using forma to repeatedly level a kuva weapon should be something more "special". It can fit for rare-occurence weapons like the Paracesis, but throwing this at all Kuva weapons feels forced and purely to artificially inflate the grind of leveling. Just adjust the forma needed to 2; one forma to allow up to level 35, another forma to get it up to 40.
  5. First off, yes, this is in the Mobile App section. Why? Because the "General" Feedback forum is more tied to the game itself and this is the only forum that deals with non-game related issues, and so won't have non-game feedback topics buried quickly. For the past 6-8 months now, topics end up having their followers reset to zero if they are both old and also go for about a week without a post. This can impact clan recruitment topics quite heavily as now notifications for when a user posts in there can go completely ignored since those that would be sending invites aren't getting pinged that a new post has been made. Despite having hit that "Follow" button numerous times only to have it end up being auto-removed. While there are a myriad of issues that are quite old and still active within the forums, this one should really be at the top of the list for being fixed.
  6. A "Disable All Non-Important Transmissions" option would be amazing, could even have a separate sub-option to allow a line to be played just once so the player can at least hear it before it never gets played again. (This would definitely also apply to the login reward dialogue and syndicate menus).
  7. Invites have been sent to those that could receive them. Please remember that if you are currently in a clan, then the game will not allow an invite to be sent to you.
  8. Anything in regards to Dirac drop rates? You guys went from one end of the spectrum to the complete other end. While it was too high before, the new rate is far too low. Going multiple missions to gain zero of what is basically just a renamed Endo only hurts any motivation.
  9. Strange. I made sure you have your invite now though, sorry about the delay. These forums are also quite buggy lately in regards to notifications being removed.
  10. Name: Lone Rangers Tier: Moon Platform: PC Role: Warlord / Architect Featured Image: Other Images (hosted on Imgur): https://imgur.com/a/tIOXtYQ As the Lone Rangers are over 6 years old, the dojo itself has evolved over time, so with that also comes years of history baked into the very foundation. Numerous areas across the entire dojo have been decorated, and with a lot of subtle details added in, but while still keeping key areas open for quick movement. For easy access, the primary labs are immediately adjacent to spawn, but if one were to start exploring, they would find themselves in all kinds of diverse areas. Sometimes a room isn't even quite as it seems until a person looks a bit closer to find everything it has to offer. A lot of rooms have hidden alcoves and various "easter eggs", along with numerous messages that allow for insight into our history.
  11. This honestly needs to be stated in-game. There's nothing that says this anywhere and it ultimately is just bad design to have a mode that disables mods / arcanes / operator mode with zero explanation. If it was introduced in some form of quest that at least gave clues (i.e. the Sands of Inaros), then it wouldn't be too bad, but the fact that nothing is said just is a bad idea. Apparently there was something in some stream where you guys alluded to this, but what's the percentage on people that watch a stream (or even go to the forums)? There's no way that will be even 50% of the playerbase. The first thing I thought when jumping into that mission (which looks like just a standard defense) is that "This must be a bug." Then to find out that it is in-fact by design and with nothing in-game even alluding to this only shows the flaws. I get that you guys wanted to do something different, but to completely disable standard game mechanics without any information in-game is just not the right move. This could have heavily used some small mission that would have informed the player of what they should have expected. As it is in its current form, it just feels like bad game design.
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