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  1. Yep, there will still have to be maintenance done to it after it is implemented that will further take away from areas that would be more beneficial. Frame Fighters is the best example of this. A project that was done as something on the "side" Something that most of the community knew would end up with a lower player activity than even conclave Still requires steady maintenance even though it has even less people playing it than Conclave
  2. Your information appears to be outdated. Windows 10 makes up the majority of the market share with 40.9& of all computers, that translates to 47.4% of all Windows-based computers. On top of that, the same privacy updates have been already been retroactively applied to Windows 7 and even then, unless someone is fully on top of everything they use, there's FAR more areas that bleed privacy data. Windows 7 is currently on a steady decline with 37.2% total, and 43.1% from Windows-based.
  3. There's always been this strange disconnect, where a sizable chunk of the forum staff here are almost unwilling to even attempt to see it from the rest of the community's side of things. If, for example, someone makes a post requesting that a moderator inform them of their reasoning behind a deletion (considering that most deletions are now done in the shadows), you'd expect that aforementioned moderator would simply private message that individual, but for whatever reason, the forum staff choose not to even interact. Now maybe that is something that they are told to do by some of the employees... I've had some... let's call it "interesting" interactions with a few that I could see being involved in something like that. Sometimes it even seems to be a form of "baiting", to get users to repeatedly "break" Rule #6 in the guidelines in order to provide a rationale for giving a harsher punishment. If a person does not know who deleted or moderated their posts, then they cannot send that user a private message. A person who is repeatedly trying to get an answer then may keep posting about it (since "send[ing] the Moderator a private message" is not an option), and for whatever reason, their posts may end up being repeatedly deleted. Again: all without receiving a word from the moderator in question. On just about any other community, the person who performed the deletions would privately inform the individual that they even DID the deletions at all and the reason they had. That is just something of common decency and hiding in the dark only looks shady. If moderators are actively told to not engage, then that should be a red flag to any of the moderators who do truly want to help that may even often feel like their hands are being tied in what they can and cannot answer. Now If the person whose posts are being deleted actually does find out who did it after pm'ing a separate moderator or two, there's even cases where the one who actually performed the action opts to actively ignore the private message. That moderator then would be breaking Rule #6 and honestly should be penalized for it. Not only is that the wrong thing to do, but it makes all moderators look bad and only further erodes trust. What needs to happen is that the DE staff need to begin being part of this discussion. All we have seen so far is them "talking at" the community. What needs to happen is they need to "talk with", this is a DISCUSSION forum after all, otherwise, why even keep this topic open?
  4. Ooooh... I see now. Good progress then there and it's at least a step on moving forward. Edit: Just saw their twitter-rant... just damn. That is some absolutely toxic behavior.
  5. Going to just quote the above, but I agree with the rest of your post. If it's the same one I'm thinking of, they have just been forced to change their name to something actually appropriate (despite even the act of having to change their username a second time to fully remove a negative term would be bannable for anyone else). If you google their old name combined with the term "Warframe Forums", you'll find their new username and they are still an in-game moderator.
  6. If you happened to say it again in any way that the triggers the bot, then it would be longer than 24h, but that also touches on another major issue: The lack of information on the duration of each ban. As for the rest of your post, I agree on the majority of what you said, but I honestly don't think "trap" should be ban-worthy. It being a "derogatory" term is the minority of even that community. Any word can be considered derogatory with the right context behind it. We really should just have a system in place that allows players to create their own blacklists that would swap out any word within each blacklist with something like [*] (regardless of length), and by default, the blacklist would contain various words that would be considered "bad" and be on (with a password lock for parents to enable). This way, people who consider words that most of the world finds mundane can get by fine without fear that the kickbot will just ban them and then those that do take issue with whatever word, can then have it not display at all throughout ANY chat (and not just ones where the kickbot is present). Could even have options of how things should be removed, either as a replacement or a full deletion of the line of text that included, and with a custom system, slang and non-English insults can then be removed if the person chooses. The kickbot needs improvements, and DE needs to begin being open to discussion on it. The moderators that caused issues and broke numerous common-sense practices should be removed, at the very least to get DE on the path to restoring trust. Keeping both the two the same is only going to cause more of the same issues.
  7. Sean

    [Suggestion] Login weapon blueprints

    Yep, people have been requesting this for AGES now, lol. There's other equipment that also cannot be remade like Odonata, Veritiux, and the Imperator. Anything like that should have its BP available if the player meets the correct requirements.
  8. There's a lot of areas where people tend to "get offended" at the most minor thing that was not even initially being remotely thought of in that way. Take a recent event like with what's going on with Nike, that is literally people grasping at straws in order to get offended. I don't care about Nike or even use their products, but this "event" is beyond crazy, and unfortunately more behavior like that is also becoming the norm it seems. Two sides are basically at war, one that pushes what should be acceptable ("X definitely did nothing wrong"), the other one deeming most things as offensive ("How dare you say Y phrase that only applies due to one event in my life"). Everyone else in the middle is basically damned. Humor is subjective and is often added with the weight of the individual's past experiences; same can be said of how people can take offense at certain things. Sometimes the right phrase can trigger a memory that can lead to either something positive or negative. Either way, it is good to try and think of how it applies to the greater whole and if your perception is the minority (again, EITHER positive or negative). Though additionally, people often mimic behavior that they are told (either by actions or words) to be good, as a lot of words and actions that people can get banned over are things that DE have done themselves on various streams and in RedText itself. One oft-cited thing I see in the forums is "Why are you bringing sexuality into Warframe at all?" and what they tend to forget is that DE does that all the time on their streams, moreso within RedText. While I personally don't care either way on how people choose to look at pixels, there does have to be a proper balance and not a "Do as we say, not as we do" approach. There's far more than just "moderators who make an effort", there's some pretty solid evidence that shows the "Moderator Code of Conduct" to basically be a checklist of all the bad behavior that SOME moderators have done (really want to stress that "some"). I would definitely count myself in that group, I choose to not take part in the cesspool that is "Region Chat", and that is from the behavior I've seen from both Moderators and players. Unfortunately a lot of what is going on bleeds into other chats, such as any and all relays.
  9. Would be nice to see some areas actually addressed to shed some light on what is going on. Such as points from my post here: There are still numerous holes of information missing that really need some filling in.
  10. *Sigh* There is so much wrong in this topic. I've had my issues with the forum staff, but never with Letter13. While I may not always agree with him, he's been nothing but honest and respectful.
  11. Sean

    The Prime Vault is Open!

    They never were and THAT'S the problem. And both are accessories to the actual Prime Access, just like Extractors and Alt-Helmets.
  12. Sean

    The Prime Vault is Open!

    With now both noggles and glyphs both being excluded from the Accessory Packs, why even call them "Accessory Packs" anymore? Would make far more sense to include them in the packs if they keep being named "Accessory Packs".
  13. Would be nice if DE actually fixed that bug that Tower White only drops from grounded condrocs.
  14. Sean

    Dark Mode Needs some changes

    Just keep in mind that DE has never bothered to fix up the dark theme, so you'll still be finding a lot of areas that are unskinned.
  15. Will this one be managed better? The last one has the problem that if you were buried further into the topic then your chances were much lower, especially when combined with that things ended and winners were called all within such a short timeframe which only added to the idea that winners were already picked fairly early on. Additionally, will this "feature" of going to other dojos ever actually apply to Alliances? Seems like this idea should have first applied to alliances and even "Featured Dojos" should be listed elsewhere on the star chart (and not around everyone's own dojo).