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  1. Is the lighting system still being worked on? There's still areas of popin with it consistently taking shadows/reflections in dojos 60 seconds to popin, and from there, you'll see a popin as you move from room to room. The lights themselves being more blown out than prior to the lighting changes and along with the gold/yellows still looking pretty bad.
  2. I'm both impressed and appreciate this response.
  3. Honestly, the 24h restriction on them isn't the worst thing. I'd say they really just need to have the ability to "Practice" not buried within the relays; it's something that really needs to be accessible via the orbiter.
  4. I'm hoping they fix this soon, the lighting and metals still look wrong, a lot of areas don't seem to have lighting apply correctly. There's even issues with the lighting/shadows not applying until 60 seconds after you load in and you still have to travel between rooms to then watch them "pop" in.
  5. Sean


    That's just how it is with the system that DE implemented. There's A LOT of flaws within it as numerous mundane words end up triggering it.
  6. Just some idiots trying to be edgy, I'd bet they would be too afraid to say any of that in public. Unfortunately with the internet, the whole "anonymity" thing can sometimes get those children to think they can behave in ways they wouldn't elsewhere. Put people like that on "Ignore" & report them, then move on, they aren't deserving of even your slightest attention beyond that.
  7. The market share isn't there for DE to get the game ported over to Mac or Linux, and they would most likely have to pay a company to do it for them, much like they did for the Switch (but that one paid for itself). Only way I could see it happening is via the "Warframe for Mobile" they have talked about every now and then. If they can get the game working for mobile devices, they would then have versions built for both iOS and Android, from there, it should be an easier process to get them to their desktop equivalents... but.... this isn't a for sure thing and a mobile version of Warframe is more of a "pipe dream" than anything else. Even if they can get it on iOS and Android doesn't automatically mean there will be Mac or Linux versions either.
  8. Yeah, definitely one of the poor decisions made back in the early days. There are quite a few areas that are only about a meter away from a normal walkable section that end up acting as an "out of bounds" spot; they really need to work on those.
  9. Warframe content is currently pretty stagnant and new games are coming out, so things are in a bit of a slump currently. Once Railjack is out though, there should be a lot of players returning.
  10. and to addon to that... Start farming simaris rep now to be ready to be able to re-purchase it.
  11. Sounds like some solid improvements, though can't judge too fully until after implementation. Though on arcanes, would be nice if there were more ways to gain them than just arbitrations. It was already stated to be a problem to lock arcanes behind one mode (Trials), but then that same issue has carried on through eidolons.
  12. Hopefully they fix up the odd shadow/lighting pop-in that's going on in addition to the color issues. Noticed in dojos that shadows and some reflections don't apply until after a minute, then you still need to move between rooms for it to finally update.
  13. Actually hover over Design Council and it says "exclusive" right there. Also, please look into advertising laws and their legality, you may end up surprised.
  14. It's an advertisement, not a contract. Ads are not legally binding, at most they could get hit by "False Advertising", but that's it. Even then, the Design Council isn't locked down to just founders, and that is the only thing on that page actually given an explicit "exclusive" marker. So already someone could try and go for a false advertising claim, but they would still fail that.
  15. That is not even remotely legally binding and also doesn't even explicitly list what is to be "exclusive". It can easily be argued that only something like the Design Council spot was to be in that category.
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