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  1. Yeah it's frustrating but why would anyone assume they're intentionally not fixing it b/c they don't care? Vs it being more complicated to trace and fix and they just haven't been able to figure it out yet? Blows my mind anytime anyone says they're intentionally not fixing anything, smh. C'mon now, get real.
  2. Update: just killed two sentients on Lua and it counted using the same setup so I'm guessing the issue is the Jupiter lab sentients aren't counting for riven challenges
  3. Only thing I can think of is I'm one riven over the inventory limit at the moment, but does that keep them from being unveilable?
  4. Just tried it one more time w/o companion equipped to make sure, killed 4 secret lab tube sentients (battalyst etc) in one mission, using just the melee w/ the riven equipped, no progress
  5. Had the riven equipped on the weapon, had the weapon equipped, was in solo matchmaking mode, did Jupiter exterminate. Challenge progress would show up on screen after pause/unpause so I know it's and equipped/active riven challenge. Found five labs in one mission, killed the sentient from the tube each time, got 9 captura scenes (forgot to open one of the lockers), none of the sentients counted for the riven. Killed some with primary, some with melee, some with operator, nothing counted. I would've just done PoE at night and killed voms but it wasn't night and I was in a hurry.
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