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  1. Calayne

    Survival Spawning

    I think a difficulty slider (Scaling up only?) for all missions is something that's welcome. That includes the regular missions, too! It's a handy thing for veterans to make earlier missions more exciting, and at later levels, it helps push the limits. Though, for higher levels, such as Pluto or Ceres, instead of necessarily just raising the spawn rate, perhaps it may be better to increase the difficulty of each enemy, but also increase affinity gain more significantly for each enemy, as well as the drop rates for rare resources and mods. This might make it more engaging, as well as rewarding, for veterans to visit the later missions, and fight harder enemies, rather than permanently camping in Saturn (Which I do), or Apollodorus. I do think that the lack of proper scaling for rewards of all kinds against difficulty hampers the risk-reward feel in Warframe. If the goal is to encourage veterans to play at their appropriate level, then the carrot must be bigger there, as opposed to the lower levels. Two or three times the affinity for much harder enemies is a good trade-off, I think, and helps stave off boredom from steam-rolling over cardboard enemies.
  2. Calayne

    Survival Spawning

    Hello, Whirrrrr! (Man, dat so fun, yo) Have you considered perhaps making life-support capsules similar to the Excavation mode, in that life support is dropped by specific units, spawned at a specific rate, having a 100% drop? This may make it more predictable, and also eases enemy prioritisation for players who need more air, or who need to get rid of stronger units first. It also adds to the immersion, I believe, since the Grineer seem to walk around with no issue with oxygen, when everyone has basically no air. This unit would, lore-wise, be the central unit for a squad of Grineer to stock up on air from. Having a unique unit to drop air supply would mean that not only is RNG no longer a factor, the rate which you spawn can be manipulated as time goes on as well, to further emphasize skill. A lot of redundancy at lower times, and just about enough (maybe a bit more) at higher timings, with a need for strategic life-support activation in between. The rate of oxygen supplied should never go below negative, though, if you're killing all of them as quick as possible. I do think this might help distinguish between the veterans and the new-comers, not just in gear, but also in skill and coordination. The higher level ones could be a completely new unit type, which is beefier, to add further to the difficulty and need to focus on specific targets after a certain point.
  3. Calayne

    Partnership Announcement

    Made the change! Thanks for pointing that out! (Hotfix 1.1?)
  4. Calayne

    Partnership Announcement

    Well, I don't speak for everyone, but I'm of a mind to wait and see how it pans out. It certainly isn't doom's day, but we have no idea what the long-term repercussions will be, if any. If anything, this may potentially be beneficial for everyone. I hope that's the case. So, my dear fellow Tenno, hold your horses, and let's approach this calmly. Ninja-style. Edit: I also see Mr. Steve Sinclair's name on it. I trust he knows what he's doing, and what the details of the deal are. Let's not jump to conclusions. It could be possible that it's for the benefit of the game at large. This is, after all, not just a product to them: It's their livelihood, and it's their, as Steve so aptly put it, "Labour of love". So chill. Don't read something into it that isn't there. Oh, and Steve.... Thanks for being so transparent with us. The fact that you've provided an online document providing the whole detail of the deal is a heartening sign of transparency that I didn't expect to see. I believe in this regard, I speak for many, in that we all hope this is for the best of Warframe, a game we've come to grow (perhaps almost unhealthily) attached to. May the portals to the Void never close, my friends; May the secrets of the Orokin never expire; May we never run out of cloned soldiers, Or poorly paid capitalist mercenaries-for-hire. Viva la Warframe, Tenno. Edit's Edit: For the sake of those who find it slightly harder to read, allow me to attempt to summarise: -61% of DE's share has been sold. 58% to Sumpo, 3% to Perfect Online. -These have, apparently, no voting right within the company itself. Correction: It seems that's the Type B shares, and they actually DO have voting rights! Oh, dear me. But, I have it from other players that PWE is a separate entity from Perfect Online, which is the company that's in question in the deal, and they're more credible than PWE. (Ask Moderator-Doge) -The reasoning for the acquisition is apparently because of Sumpo specifically being a chicken-industry. Their sales has been suffering because of recent... health issues, so to speak, in the People's Republic of China (henceforth, PRC). Thus, it seems pretty convincing, seeing that it is Sumpo with 58% of the share, and PW with only 3%. -The acquisition is so that Warframe can be distributed in China. There's an issue of western media and western-made products making its way into China, as it's very tightly controlled by the government. However, there's one party here with one foot already in the door: Perfect Online/Perfect World Beijing. So, Sumpo probably is an investor of what they see as a booming industry, hoping to earn money "On the side", to alleviate their dropping revenue. Seems a rather wise choice, honestly speaking, considering China is a huge market, with relatively few products compared to the Western countries. tl;dr The summary is this: Sumpo needs to make money, something not related to chicken. It wants to invest in games, and thinks Warframe rocks, so they want to acquire DE's share. This acquisition is so that Sumpo can distribute Warframe in China exclusively. However, they can't do it by themselves, as chicken is all they know. So, they get Perfect Online. Speculatively, nothing is going to change: Perfect Online is what is probably a more complex version of a "Retailer". Basically, it just distributes a product or service, without being able to modify (at least, extensively and noticeably) what it sells. Probably they'll have their own promotions and stuff, though. But I don't know about that. If there's any mistake, feel free to drop me a PM to correct my understanding. This is here for everyone's benefit. Also, it seems like Digital Extremes has another F2P game in the works. WOOT WOOT!
  5. Calayne

    Weapon Skins Contest

    Wow. This is going to be gloriously interesting. Hope we get some really good skins for the Zorens! Melee weapons ftw, yo! :D
  6. Calayne

    New Contest: Mirroring Reality

    Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, Woke up in the jungle, to a bright sunny day, Grumpy and annoyed, on my bed I lay, Until.... FREAKKEN' CHEERIOS, TENNO. RISE AND SHINE, AND SUCK IT UP WITH SOME GREEDY MILK, YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! ONLY $1.99 PER BOX OF AWESOME! GET IT NOW, WHILE STOCKS LAST! (Greedy milk and awesome sold separately. Awesome is presentation only. Product may differ.)
  7. Wow. It's been ages when I last saw these. Welcome back, man! Dat Nyx,tho. Mmmmmmm. She can control my mind any time. ("Now, Calayne... walk into that arc trap.")
  8. Calayne

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #28!

    Oh my goodness. Hear that dynamic music. DE's sound team? Yeah. They're awesome. You guys deserve a bag of coffee. Everyone in DE deserves a bag of coffee. COFFEE FOR EEEEEEVERYONEEEEEEE!!! I remember the old days, when there were only a couple of BGMs, and only one for battle. Aaaah, man. Those were so long ago. I kinda miss it, when I watch Excalibur's Profile video. It really goes to show how far Warframe has come, in every aspect. Sound, features, content. I hope Warframe continues to grow, more and more, as time goes on. A sword, honed to a razor's edge. Kudos to you guys, DE! ^^ Next time, have a programmer/AI/CommunityMod stream! :D Like, with Rebecca sitting on the sofa alone, taking questions from the community. Or with Meg. With The Prodman. And a Loki plushie.
  9. Calayne

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. You ate the cake. I wish for flying penguins with chainsaw machine guns.
  10. Calayne

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. Now there is no Warframe; Only CombatFormationBravoFrame. I wish for a solid bar of platinum.
  11. Calayne

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. But they send it right back. I wish for Weapon Balance 2.0.
  12. Calayne

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Infested Submissions

    Name Suggestion: Baelzus (A play on the name of Beelzebub, "Lord of the flies".) Behaviour: A lumbering tank of an enemy, lurching forward. Massive, and more than twice the height of the Tenno. It is slow, normally, and engages in ranged attacks, producing Blade Flies; but when enraged (at 40% health), Baelzus becomes physically active, and chargers the player, grabs hold of him, and tries to bite him for massive damage. He usually waddles like a duck in passive mode. In aggresive mode, he runs with his one arm and two legs. Attacks: 1.) The Blade Flies. Normally hanging behind the main forces at range, Baelzus produces the Blade Flies from Egg Spores found on his back: These flies are small-mobs, somewhat smaller than the Ospreys. They pursue Tenno, flying with their four wings, and when found, produce a sucking sound, as air is drawn into a large sac. Following that, they forcefully expel the air through a nozzle opening, and embed themselves in the Tenno, much like an arrow. They are quite damaging, however, they are also easy to shoot out of the air, being very weak. 2.) The Devour: Coming too close, the Baelzus will take a large bite out of the Tenno. This is rather slow, but also extremely damaging. 3.) The Berserker's Thirst: At below 40% health, Baelzus becomes enraged: Baelzus runs wildly forward, pursuing the Tenno, and his three mouths begin gnashing and chomping wildly, in the hope that a Tenno "falls" in. He runs just slightly faster than the Tenno, so outrunning him is not possible. However, he's also pretty clumsy, and cannot turn very quickly, and topples over when he tries to change direction too fast. Being hit by him when being charged at results in getting bitten, which is never pleasant. Environment restrictions: Normally, the Berserker is not a jumper. However, he can climb very slowly, using his one strong arm to climb ledges. He's grounded most times, but cannot jump chasms. He's also not allowed into parties, because he eats everything. Naughty Baelzus. Art or Reference Images:
  13. Calayne

    Stat Helmet Blueprint Changes

    Thank you kindly for the news, Drew <3
  14. Calayne

    13.2.0 Deploy Status

    Wow! Thanks for the headsup, Reb! Could you guys do this more often? I love communication between devs and players, especially if something unexpected happens!
  15. Another hint: If you use Crossing Snakes, there is one combo which requires a Hold, another which requires a Forward. If you keep moving forward and you attack, you'll also keep doing the Forward combo. To mitigate this, hold block, and you'll be able to perform other non-Forward combos. Even while pressing the forward button, you can initiate the standard combo, or the Hold combo.