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  1. I take it here is where the convo will continue?
  2. Iv played Warframe for roughly 4-5ish years and I have to agree with Harbinger XK5. The sound design when it come to ambiance, weapon and all the other SFX are absolutely amazing, but what this game lacks is music. Every game I have played from happy wars back in the 360 era to Skyrim to pokemon hell even Call of Duty all have music tracks that I will go back and listen to, but warframe doesn’t have a single one. The orokin “music” is just “ahhhhh” the whole time. The grineer are just drums and glockenspiels and the infested is just a bunch of garbage horror shock sounds, each track having no actual form or song structure to them. Having music more akin to (like what Mr. Harbinger has said in the reply’s) doom when fighting the infested would be incredible. At this moment in time there is not a single track from Warframe that I have gone out of my way to find and listen too when playing other games or doing general boring life stuff because there is none. In short, I’m with Harbinger XK5 on this topic and I do believe that Warframe could use a new and improved “music” soundtrack across the board.
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