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  1. Also Mirages hall of mirrors with Xoris since every clone throws it with Mirage!
  2. what first gave me confusion was composite mode. I was confused how I know which is day and which is night and what does this third mode do?? then I realized composite mode was only when you are on orbiter, relay or dojo for example. so it was purely cosmetic mode which combines both and isn't active when on missions.
  3. yeah I thought about this and I totally get it. but in other hand I think many players might be hesitant to add especially formas into their warframe when they know prime will come someday and they'll of course want to get it because better base stats and all so normal frame is more like temporary thing that usually is sold or fed to helminth after getting prime version. This suggestion was just little quality of life thing where you could make your normal frame best as it can be without fear of losing it all when getting prime variant. my suggestion also was that you could only love Orokin reactor and forma into prime variant of that frame not into any others so it could be more like upgrading from regular into prime version.
  4. This is just little suggestion that I had in mind. I don't know if it's any good, but how about making so if you have Orokin reactor in normal warframe you could move it into prime variant of that Warframe? same with forma, but those wouldn't activate until you reupgraded your Warframe as many times as it originally took? This would encourage to use Orokin reactor and forma in regular Warframe before getting prime version especially if there isn't prime version yet available for that warframe. But like I said this is just some idea I had in my mind.
  5. Really hope they could take some time to change it. I haven't yet bought it because of these issues but if they change it to have toggle option or at least like it used to be I would buy it. I have arca armor on my Protea and this would look so good with it.
  6. I have this happen on corpus ship and mars tilesets for defense missions. usually last enemy stays on same spot somewhere lower and they won't come and try to destroy objective etc. it's minor glitch but still feels little bit bothering to go take down last enemy of the wave from same spot every time.
  7. sometimes for me sari syandana stays open after bullet jumping which is probably glitch, but I don't think it affects aiming that much they could make it like those eros wings that change transparency so they don't get in the way. (of course eros wings are ephemera and not syandana).
  8. like title says syadanas that change their appreance with different conditions like bullet jumping or taking damage should have toggle option to keep them in certain position. I love look of Flox syandana when it's opened and was planning to buy it, but it only opens when frame takes certain amount damage and doesn't stay open on orbiter or relays etc. I really want to get this syandana because it goes very well with Arca armor set and I'm big fan of Corpus too. also something like sari syandana should have toggle option because when wings are up it kind of clips with menu system. also it would be cool to sometimes use it more like cape on orbiter or relays too. anyway this is just my minor suggestion.
  9. good thing I saw this thread before buying it. it looks so awesome when unfolded and it match with Arca armor pieces and weapons. I'm huge Corpus fan so I was interest to buy this but probably not going to if there won't be any toggle option to keep it opened.
  10. I have been doing kuva flood missions recently to get requiem relics to obtain missing mod I need to deal with sister. Anyway it seems like almost everytime I come back from kuva flood mission Wally is somewhere on my ship. Before Wally didn't appear a lot like maybe once in two weeks so this leads me to believe that kuva has something to do with it.
  11. Is it possible to use Cestra along with glaive weapons like Falcor? I currently have Cestra building I know this might be dumb question because I can find out later myself when it's finished.
  12. That's true I wish Sari Syandana could do that or toggle folding option. They seem to bug with menu etc.
  13. Like the title say is there any reason why these wings are ephemera and not syandana like many other wings? Of course it's great that operator can wear them this way too.
  14. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide...
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