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  1. I'm rather new, so what did Tempest Barrage did before? Also, Tempest Barrage does have an augment that applies Corrosive status to enemies. I was considering building that into the ability itself, so what do you think?
  2. Goals I want to expand on Hydroid's control style. I think he needs bigger AoE on his abilities, faster casting, and be more group-friendly. Tempest Barrage Uses the tap / hold mechanic. Tap Tempest Barrage changed to dealing a large single hit. Tidal Surge I'm thinking of giving Tidal Surge the ability to self-heal so that Hydroid can self-heal without an augment. Undertow Make the radius a lot bigger. I'm thinking of around 15 meters at base. Enemies caught will have the lower half of their body sink into the ground, allowing other play
  3. Oh that's nice. My suggestion, make Pulverise's damage values with no enemies in Grendel's belly either as though he has 1 enemy in his belly or half that value or something I guess. ---- To clarify, Nourished Armor would be a percentage multiplier of base armour. Making it give static armour would be too strong imo. Also, thought of a Feast augment. Hold Feast with no enemies in Grendel's belly to refund a percentage of energy drained from keeping enemies in Grendel's belly up to the last few second until Grendel empties his belly. Percentage is either 100% or static per
  4. Revision 3. Valuable responses plus time to think equals update. Keeping Revision 2 for archive purposes in case anyone is interested in Gastric juices as a secondary resource.
  5. My solution here is to make Grendel less dependent on enemies to use his abilities. Or if you really want to eat enemies before team mates kill them, maybe consider stacking ability range and make Feast eat through walls or something I guess. I added a Gastric juice-less suggestion 2 posts below the thread starter. I would like to hear your feedback on that if you don't like Gastric juices. If or when DE decides to revamp armour, then I will look back at my Grendel suggestions. Other than that, I'd prefer if armour reduction be instant instead of over time because
  6. Scale how exactly? Also, having Feast eat bullets would mean that it's unusable against Infested and most Sentients. I'd rather have Grendel use resources that he can control like energy and Gastric juices rather than be enemy-dependent. What do you mean by too weak to keep in Grendel's stomach? For me, the problem is Nourish and spitting enemies out deals too much damage to low level enemies.
  7. I did say that, but I also designed Grendel to still be able to do it. With my changes, you will need to keep casting Nourish to generate Gastric juices to keep the enemies in Grendel's belly. My secondary goal here is to give Grendel the ability to cast Nourish buffs and my suggested Regurgitate armour shred without needing to eat enemies. Yea, I'd like DE's explanation on this. My interpretation is that increasing the maintenance cost seems to be dissuading Grendel from keeping enemies in his belly for too long, yet his passive needs Grendel to keep enemies in h
  8. Yea, I also think making Catapult built-in to Pulverise would be good. Revision 2 On a second thought, maybe making Gastric juice generation scale with Ability Strength might be better. Efficiency for energy and Strength for Gastric juices. No Gastric juices version I've thought of implementing my suggestions without Gastric juices as an alternative, though I don't like it because it involves using Nourish to generate energy directly. Anyway: First, no Feast augment mod. Casting any Nourish ability with at least 1 enemy in Grendel's belly will generate energy inst
  9. Revision 3 (1 May) Getting a lot of feedback not liking a secondary resource, so I'm going to flesh out a non secondary resource suggestion. Moving the original suggestion to the bottom. Goals I have 3 goals for my Grendel suggestions: energy consumption, making Grendel less dependent on eating enemies, and easier buff management. Playstyle Personally, I don't like Grendel keeping enemies in his belly for extended periods of time because it prevents anyone from killing them thus slowing the mission down. You can play however you want solo, but my suggestions are to mak
  10. Looking for Abating Link mod. Trading with any augment mod from Cephalon Suda, Steel Merdian, or Arbiters of Hexis. PM me here or in game.
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