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  1. Anyway I can get my 1800 phasic cells back because I was forced to abort mission when my warframe was stuck in a perpetual downed state. No one could revive me. Was a fun loss of 50 mins of my life.
  2. While in a endurance run of the operation event, I was downed while playing but was unable to revive or respawn. My character also never fully died so when the squad left I was not taken with and was forced to shut down my client in order to leave the mission. I lost out on 55 mins of my life and 1800 cells. Also because of this my whole party was unable to finish our full 36 orphix run. Very frustrating.
  3. If you are starting a mission and you are still talking to a vendor in PoE, Orb Vallis or Deimos, there is a chance that when you load in you will have the vendor ui on screen still and you are un able to move or use any abilities. /unstuck does not work to fix. Dying and rezzing also does not fix the issue.
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