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    • I'm lazy
    • I'm patient enough to wait for 50-75% coupons
    • The grind to get the latest non-prime 'frames without plat has become increasingly hellish over the years

    The last non-prime warframe I truly ground for was Ivara, and I've been buying them since.

  1. imho, what I wanted to see when it came to scythes were an increase in size and reach. And a stance that utilizes a more two-handed swinging approach instead of spinning/flipping around like a yo-yo would be nice.

  2. Total dud of a warframe. Why:

    • All of her abilities except Venari are slow to cast
    • Venari ha blunt damage, which is currently on the weak side of IPS damage
    • Her non-Venari abilities lack range and/or duration, limiting her usefulness

    Khora badly needs improvement before she is shelved for a year or so. Suggestions, even though I'm probably talking into a void here:

    • Whipclaw
      • Improve impact radius, rest of the whip should be able to hit before whip crack occurs
    • Ensnare
      •  Needs to spread faster and wider, maybe as soon as the snare occurs
    • Kavari
      • Replace impact damage with slash
    • Strangledome
      • Increase radius (please)
        • Pets could perhaps be attracted to the dome and attack hanging foes for bonus damage
        • Increase Whipclaw impact radius inside the dome so all foes inside the dome, or hanging around it, are simultaneously hit

    Right now, Khora's kit is very dull, as she does nothing particularly well.

  3. At least the Boar and its prime have a 5/5 disposition. It wouldn't take much to make the Boar Prime a godly weapon.

    And I've given up on getting rivens outside of warframe-related quests after I've bought the warframes. I may have masochistic tendencies, but I'm not gonna torture myself (or let someone else do it) if I'm not getting anything out of it.

  4. For the past week and a half or so, I've received nothing but Ayatan sculptures, and they're literally worth less fully loaded than a possible 4k endo reward. I've become too discouraged to even do another sortie knowing exactly what I'll get. Is the rarity supposed to get me to buy mass amounts of plat, only to throw it at some rando for a half-decent riven? I'm not desperate enough to go that route, so I won't. If I was hurting for more endo, I'll farm it or sell the massive amount of duplicate mods, as getting the equivalent of 2k endo nearly everyday is total crap, in my opinion.

    I'm starting to think the percent chance of a riven is not 25%, but around 10% or less. 

  5. Frost's globe and Limbo... just Limbo altogether just infuriate me to no end. It's hard to play around the bubbles, as for starters, they do more to protect the enemy from my damage if I'm shooting from the outside than they help. It's like I have to work against them in order to get anything done. I'd have no problem with the former were we allowed to shoot through the globe, in the same way we can shoot through Atlas' rock wall. 

  6. I don't have to account for recoil with my Prisma Grakata riven (-120% recoil, +115% multishot, -60-something% impact). Hitting my mark every time makes up for the damage loss, but so do elemental mods. Though I do wish it had slightly less recoil (not saying eliminate it entirely, as the Grakata needs a setback to somewhat balance it).

  7. 51 minutes ago, RistN said:

    Usage of words like mandatory and band-aid are so copy/paste words in this topic and they are just a poor attempt to diminish something and turn it into something bad.

    It is like someone is forcing you to use this mods.If that is so than be a true Tenno and stop using all the mods that are mandatory,even better strip off all of the mods and go do lvl 100 mission vanila style.

    For others who dont know what this words truly mean:

    Band-aid mod=makes ability better

    Mandatory mod= Better solution than any other mod you can put in that slot

    Here's the thing regarding several "band-aid" mods:

    • Hall of Malevolence is required for Mirage's clones to do any reasonable amount of damage.
    • Irradiating Disarm is required for Loki for anything other than spy missions. Otherwise, he'll eventually be clubbed like a seal, and/or any foe outside of the cast radius will be killing him outside of invisibility.
    • Regenerative Molt is literally required for Saryn to have a modicum of survivability beyond level 40 enemies. She has no CC options, and her kit ironically works against itself.
    • Jet Stream is required for Zephyr to survive, since she has cardboard armor and 75% of her kit is counterintuitive to any mission outside of the plains.
    • Resonance is damn near required for Banshee to have any relevance for content above level 40.

    These examples are the more egregious. No one is forcing me to use any of these, but if I don't want to be a waste of space with no ability to crowd control, do damage to a foe, support the team and/or survive a hit, then taking these mods is the best option for me. Also: Tenno, like the ninja that predate us by real life centuries (or so many millennia in the Warframe universe), used whatever they had in their arsenal to complete their assignments, so that whole no true Scotsman thing I bolded is total crap.

  8. For some reason, the Phage has a hard limit of 14 tentacles, maybe 15 if the extra 20% from Hell's Chamber kicks in. Beyond that, no extra tentacles spawn with a higher multishot percentage, and I can't say for sure if there is a damage difference because I don't have access to the simulacrum to test this, and the star char enemies die to a sneeze, so unless I stay in a high-level mission for a long time I won't know.

    If 20% multishot equals an extra tentacle, and 100% multishot equals 14, then triple that to 300% (rounding), give or take depending on the riven with 115% or more multishot combined with Vigilante Armaments and Hell's Chamber, then the Phage should be shooting 40-42 tentacles. I don't know if it's:

    • a physical limitation within the game itself
    • extra tentacles would make the Phage OP
    • extra potential visual clutter, exacerbated with Mirage

    but in any case, I definitely wish to see the extra spaghetti squirming about.

    tl;dr - I want the hentai cannon to show its extra tentacles based on multishot percentages higher than 120%.

  9. Funny how I can fly higher in Titania's fairy form than I can in an archwing. We should be able to freaking touch the sky, not be trapped in a wide but flat box. Also getting slingshot back down to the ground if you boost upward should totally disappear, as it makes vertical navigation impossible.

  10. 7 hours ago, -N7-Leonhart said:

    Say what you will, but double expositions was never part of the notes. Basically, the definition of a bug (ofc, b*tthurt players all over the place will call it nerf).

    Also, there is no way it's worse than the original. The buff is plenty worth it just for the crits and punch through. The explosions thing was not mentioned there and I still thought it's a massive buff.

    If I want a weapon with both crit and punch-through, I'd pick up the Dread, Paris Prime or Cernos Rakta/Prime. Plus, I can get a faster charge on any of the bows without a RoF mod than the Opticor with two of them. Even with a riven mod giving me +185% crit chance/+108% toxin it's still not worth using. I couldn't really care less about the double explosion bug, but what I care about is this gun having less AoE than a bow, because at least a ragdolling corpse can still do damage.

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