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  1. will corrosive projection still work on the orbs?
  2. Status of the following: -melee 3.0 -Kingpin -Railjack (Steve said something about trying to get a working version out before the main build) New things: -Next frame(s)? -New/old events? -New dojo decor? Misc. -Next community weapon contest? -Next double X weekend? When will venari get a floof skin?
  3. kingpin system please we need something to do with and only with our clans
  4. Clan Name: Shattered Cephalon Tier: Rank 9 Shadow Clan Platform: PC Role:Founding Warlord Hope you enjoy, there is some stuff that is always under construction but most of this stuff has been done solely by me.
  5. Any new ideas to damage 3.0, where do y'all stand on those changes and the same questions for melee rework? Will either of these rework happen or have the vocal players caused much stress?
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