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  1. well yes it is nice, but they very well know that people out there are going to now buy every prime access +accessories just to get all the exclusive stuff, as far as I see it these are supposed to be gifts for supporting the game however the people who only bought the accessories apparently aren't supporting the game only those who buy one of the three tiers.
  2. I mean the accessories packs should come with accessories, I personally feel a little sad b/c I only buy the accessory packs due to there being exclusive stuff that I typically really like, while farming the frame and weapons. But not only should it be changed b/c a lot of people feel screwed over but this is kind of a negative business practice, "Hey guys look at this exclusive item that we are adding to the game that you will get every December if you buy the prime access and only the prime access" So what DE knows is going to happen is there are going to be many collectors out that that know that if they don't buy the prime access then they are missing out, so instead of not only buying the accessories they will either buy both or buy the big bundle. So currently the exclusive stuff from any new prime will cost from about $98 (first prime access tier and accessories) to about $140 (the third tier of prime access) now I understand that they are just noggles (and "gifts") but this seems like a shady way of getting the large player base of collectors to pay some more money for these things. The prime noggles should be from buying either the prime accessories or any of the prime access tiers, and the third tier should get two primed noggles due to it coming with the accessories.
  3. frostyhobo

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.6

    will corrosive projection still work on the orbs?
  4. frostyhobo

    Coming Soon: Devstream #121 - Happy Holidays!

    Status of the following: -melee 3.0 -Kingpin -Railjack (Steve said something about trying to get a working version out before the main build) New things: -Next frame(s)? -New/old events? -New dojo decor? Misc. -Next community weapon contest? -Next double X weekend? When will venari get a floof skin?
  5. Please a chance to get a little green spider boi pet from the big momma spider 😄
  6. frostyhobo

    Date Announce: Devstream #120 Dec 7!

    kingpin system please we need something to do with and only with our clans
  7. Here's mine Good luck to everyone! 🙂
  8. Silence
  9. frostyhobo

    Dojo Remaster Contest [Winners Announced!]

    Clan Name: Shattered Cephalon Tier: Rank 9 Shadow Clan Platform: PC Role:Founding Warlord Hope you enjoy, there is some stuff that is always under construction but most of this stuff has been done solely by me.
  10. frostyhobo

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    The thralls are really pointless if they cant live past the animation when there is any other player on the team /s. But in all seriousness I can never get the thralls to actually be useful. Having a cap of thralls at 4 is way too low, also maybe instead of the second power making the cast free maybe just have it so it enthralls them automatically. Still have yet to see his passive proc, but i suppose that could just mean im building him right so i cant speak much about its effectiveness. I also never feel the need to use his third power, however it does allow for the option of a large health build but that is not playing to his strengths. Once again I hardly ever have his shield break with an arcane Aegis equipped. His fourth power is great other than the fact that there can only be 4 thralls so only 4 shield orbs at max. (assuming they survived any team damage on them)
  11. frostyhobo

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Any new ideas to damage 3.0, where do y'all stand on those changes and the same questions for melee rework? Will either of these rework happen or have the vocal players caused much stress?
  12. frostyhobo

    Coming Soon: Devstream #112!

    What kind of new stuff can we expect for the dojo, will we be able to craft things there?
  13. frostyhobo

    Coming Soon: Devstream #111!

    From a lore stand point what are each of the currencies used for, does Baro eat ducats or something, what on earth does Baro need to use ducats to buy?
  14. frostyhobo

    A most Peculiar workshop.

    Personally I like the idea of these, however the fact that they are going to take mod points and the exilus slot not so much, I would love to see these as a seasonal thing and something that doesn't use up a mod slot. Having one of these equipped would say, "I came I saw I conquered" these could basically become like a badge of honor if they didn't negatively affect builds.
  15. frostyhobo

    Khora's Planned Changes

    Please make it so that her heals scale off of something, and also the added benefit of being able to revive downed teammates would really make the healing mode a lot more useful