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  1. I'll never understand why DE insists on putting glyphs in these random grab bag type stream drops, with no duplicate protection. Duplicate noggles or decoration? Frustrating, maybe, but at least I got a reward and I can make an army of noggles if I want to. Duplicate glyphs, like the three I got this week? A total waste of time and it ends up feeling very unfair compared to people who were able to get actual rewards. You can only unlock a glyph once. Glyph drops should be treated accordingly, with something else dropping if you've already unlocked it.
  2. I too would like some clarification on if these drops will be random, because if I tune in every day and get the glyph every time I'm going to be annoyed.
  3. I don't blame the people who don't know better! I just wish DE would address it so individual players wouldn't have to be the ones trying to account for it, haha.
  4. Yeah, I didn't mean to sound quite as judgmental there as I might have, I mostly meant it as a shorthand word for "starting a new mission very quickly, before other players load in." That said, I've definitely run into plenty for whom it's a fair description anyway. I'll never understand why you can get in chat and politely ask people to wait just an extra few seconds so you can leave after your third invasion and they flat out refuse.
  5. Every time there's a hotfix or update I cross my fingers for a fix to the "slow loading players can lose their ability to interact with anything in the orbiter if a squadmate is impatient with starting a new mission" bug, and I don't know why I bother. This is a game-breaking bug that affects every single mission I play, as a player with a slightly slower load time than most people - whether or not it happens after a given mission depends solely on whether or not I get stuck with impatient squadmates, and I have to gamble on that every time I play on public. Every mission I run, I run the chan
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