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About Me

Hello there, 

Welcome to my profile page! Thank you for being interested :) 

I am Sonicz. As volt being my favourite frame of all times, It is undeniably my top-most used frame on my in-game profile. Being fast is my virtue and I wish that i am able to be fast to get as many contents from warframe, and probably the first one to know about things in the game if you're my friend! :) 

I am a founding warlord of the fantastic storm clan, Perfect Prodigy. Hence my clan tag -PP- can be seen in the game as well as the forums.

I love helping people in warframe and I helped tons of players in warframe while they are in the mission. I don't shy out when I help lower level players in the game. If you need help in game, feel free to pm and I'm more than glad to give you a hand. But do note that gifting is not a thing for me, I would rather have you discover it through learning the ropes and enjoy the game more that way. :) 

Add me in game and talk to me if you like. (: 


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