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  1. IGN: Toby-
    Mastery Rank: 23 
    Country: Singapore 
    Current/previous clan: Toby House
     When you started playing warframe: Since 2013, slightly after the closed beta ended 

    Discord: Have discord 
    About me: I'm pretty a laid-back individual but a helpful person when needs of emergency or help involved is needed. Pretty active and follows rules. 
    Known individuals: Voltage, Juggernaut, Nani, Divyln 


  2. 51 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    The following Dev Workshop will go into the simplification of the Fusion System. Read on to learn more about the coming changes and learn about 'ENDO'! As always, all information here is subject to rapid change. Stay updated by checking this thread!

    Fusion in Warframe is one of the main systems that encourages investment in your Mod collection and Upgrading your gear. With calculated clicking and collecting, you can take your unranked Mods to top tier performers.

    Right now our Fusion system has some confusing elements we’d like to correct.

    1) Hidden complexity. There are a lot of under the hood ways to optimize fusion that aren't explained. Aside from the single usage of Fusion Cores, your Duplicate Mod collection can be used to fuse with bonuses for things like matching type, polarities, avoidance of exceeding desired rank, etc.
    2) Progress Bar guessing game. There are no clear goals for next Fusion levels, all you're presented with is a bar and it's quite hard to predict how many missions and fuseable items are needed to advance ranks. This leads to a disconnect between cost benefit analysis as no cost presents itself.

    It boils down to an overly complex system that has unclear goalposts, and this is something we want to fix.

    The coming Fusion simplification will be released in 2 phases:

    1) The first phase (coming in August)  maintains the core loop we all know (find Fusion energy and use to rank up Mods), but it's much simpler at the Fusion level.
    2) The second (coming later) will be written about in detail once we have assets to share, but essentially it is a more lore-amplifying and collection building version of Fusion.

    Diving deep into the quickly approaching first phase introduces us to Endo!


    What is Endo? Endo is Fusion energy incarnate. It is the raw resource that powers the process of Upgrading Mods. In essence, Endo serves as the simplifier in all things Fusion. All duplicate Mods can now be simply converted into Endo. Endo will now drop from enemies and missions where Fusion Cores used to.

    Fusing with Endo makes the Mod Rank increases clear, as the system now only increases in whole Ranks. Partial upgrading with unclear requirements towards your next rank will no longer exist, and neither will wasted Fusion energy. The UI will tell you exactly how much Endo is needed for the next Rank, which gives you a clear goal to work toward.

    Any partial upgrades will be refunded with equivalent Endo - so if you're like me and just haven't fully maxed that Primed Mod yet, your partial fusion won't be wasted. This also means no Fusion energy will be wasted when your Mod is fully maxed. No more eyeballing what Mods or Cores you use to prevent yourself from accidentally using extra.

    You can expect this first phase to come in August on PC, and your inventory of Cores will be converted on login! We'll have more information for you closer to launch so you can see the change in action and know what to expect when it hits your inventories.

    Can't wait! 

    edit: Please add tutorial on the new system and introduction on youtube, perhaps have it in game so that everyone can read especially new players. 

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  3. On 4/2/2016 at 9:36 AM, lightningstorm112 said:

    I love the idea of the tennogen, but the fact that something as small as a helmet is $6 is crazy and completely prevents me from buying anything from that. Why is the price so high?

    I agree, the price is just simply too high for just a cosmetic helmet. I think some percentage goes to creator and de, not too little for creator and not too little for de. If possible, I would wish that the prices for the tennogen are less expensive, it'll make it a better money buy considering consoles are able to pay with platinum for the most popular steam items on pc. 

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  4. 6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Specters of the Rail: U2.2


    • Changed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead teleport range to greater than 30 meters from Nekros. To clarify function here, if a Shadow is 30 meters away from you on recast, it will teleport to range. If it is less than 30 meters away, it will heal. 


    • Fixed Paris Prime having many incorrect stats in the Arsenal, including a Critical Chance of 25% vs the expected 45%. 
    • Fixed enemies not being alerted by the Bolto, AkBolto, and Telos AkBolto.
    • Fixed missing VO localization. 

    Thanks for the update :) 

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  5. 13 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

    Hey Tenno! 

    In an effort to improve overall performance and bring you more stable game-play our infrastructure partners will be undergoing maintenance on Sunday, August 14th from 8:00 PM EDT to approximately 12:00 AM EDT (time converter). Maintenance should last approximately 4 hours, during which you may experience some minor issues:

    • Your friends list may be underpopulated or offline. 
    • You may experience difficulties with matchmaking.

    If you do experience any of the above a quick relog should do the trick! 


    Thank you :) 

    Thanks for the heads up :)  

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  6. 8 minutes ago, PsychedelicSnake said:

    Pretty much this. If you already help players, then that's fantastic. You don't have to be a Guide to help someone, after all. The point of the Guides is to be a sort of beacon to new players. An authority that new and progressing players can seek out if and when all else may fail. Warframe is built on having options, and Guides are more or less a sort of option for new players to seek out.

    i think it would be great to have a guide contact panel in game where new players can see, something like the syndicate or conclave panel in the liset, so that they know who to contact. the panel will be constantly updated maybe can see new guide list and whether they are offline or online atm. 

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