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  1. I always hate doing this, because I feel like I’m just adding the same complaint over a heap of identical complaints, but you guys do know we have no access to arcana vaults right? Half of the new content is unplayable and it’s a bit maddening to see these fixes of something I hadn’t even noticed being a problem. I’d love to hope you’re just working on it in the background but I just want to make sure you at least know that’s a problem we have.
  2. In one of the bounties for orb vallis, you must defend some captives while you free them, using data keys to speed it up. I had a run where the jailers were not being marked, and were not dropping anything. (I double checked and made sure I ran over their corpses, so the data key was not spawning) I do not know what exactly caused it, my current idea is that I was doing that bounty while the bounties switched over to new ones, and might have bugged those spawns.
  3. While in the plains of eidolon, any transmission by Vay Hek show him with a shiny metallic face, it doesn’t seem to be triggered by any event, and just appears 100% of the time.
  4. When you transfer to you operator and engage in any dialogue with an npc (like in social areas such as Cetus, fortuna, and necralisk), I can no longer open my menu, forcing me to restart the game if I want to leave the mission.
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