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  1. No problem! Make sure to check off this post as ‘answered’ so people don’t keep coming to answer it. Hope you have fun!
  2. Heya! Diploid rex are from the deimos arcana vaults. You’ll need to do an isolation vault, then visit the mother outside the vault location. She’ll give you a new special bounty that’ll be something inside the isolation vault area. It’s basically normal bounties but with a different loot pool and it’s inside the vaults. Let me know if you need any more information!
  3. Hi! You definitely do have some points with pathfinding and spawn location issues, but do keep in mind that you’re on switch. Console limitations prevent excessive spawns which more often than not, is the real reason you’re struggling. It is however, still worth bringing the issue up to correct drop rates and whatnot for switch, so it is more appropriate for us.
  4. Bonjour ! Je suis désolé si mon français est mauvais. Pouvez-vous clarifier davantage sur le problème? Comment est-ce bloqué ?
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