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  1. No problem! Make sure to check off this post as ‘answered’ so people don’t keep coming to answer it. Hope you have fun!
  2. Heya! Diploid rex are from the deimos arcana vaults. You’ll need to do an isolation vault, then visit the mother outside the vault location. She’ll give you a new special bounty that’ll be something inside the isolation vault area. It’s basically normal bounties but with a different loot pool and it’s inside the vaults. Let me know if you need any more information!
  3. Hi! You definitely do have some points with pathfinding and spawn location issues, but do keep in mind that you’re on switch. Console limitations prevent excessive spawns which more often than not, is the real reason you’re struggling. It is however, still worth bringing the issue up to correct drop rates and whatnot for switch, so it is more appropriate for us.
  4. Bonjour ! Je suis désolé si mon français est mauvais. Pouvez-vous clarifier davantage sur le problème? Comment est-ce bloqué ?
  5. To clarify and as an add-on to help fix this. When repeating a bounty in the same expedition into Orb Vallis, the spy vault will not reset, and you cannot hack it. Similar issues appear with the Jailer Corpus bonus on one of the bounties, as they no longer drop data keys on a repeated run. Fortuna bounties also suffer PoE problems with the exterminate enemies in a period of time, when solo, it’s relatively easy, but 2+ players can genuinely fail the bounty as no enemy will spawn. There is also a bug regarding the ambush bounty, when repeated, the last coil drive will remain in its place and ca
  6. Not sure why you’re quick to complain, this seldom happens and when it does, they often make up for it. I’m just anxious as hell and worried because I really wanted to get some good loot from this event.
  7. I’m really not sure what’s going on, but I’ve heard absolutely nothing regarding all consoles getting roughly 1/2 the points for Orphix than PC did. We were told 3 weeks ago that DE was fully aware and intended to fix this, and nothing. We have 3 days left on the event and have gotten completely screwed for this event. Did I miss something? Are we getting any fix at all? An extension at least? Because this is genuinely maddening.
  8. Hi! So profit taker is an obvious choice yes, but if that’s too hard (or inaccessible) you can also just to the t5 bounties, specifically only the first two stages, as they have the highest drop chance for the bonds. Do stage 1&2, head to stage 3, leave it to abandon the bounty, repeat the bounty.
  9. So in short, it’s primarily used for channeling abilities (ones where the energy usage is a drain over time, not a single cast.) Use it for frames that rely on these abilities for effective usage. To get into the math of it, efficiency caps at 175%, leaving energy costs at 25% of original cost. This is completely different to the other ability stats which simply go off of % of base stat (i.e. 150% str is just 1.5x ability strength, as it has no fixed cap.) Because of this, efficiency works way more potently on channeling abilities than duration would, since +75% in efficiency would reduce its
  10. Yeah no, just looked more. That’s an empty hallway, cheers on finding the other challenge rooms though!
  11. What they said, either that’s an empty hallway, or it’s the power drift room, where there are four blue orbs embedded in the walls in a circular shaped room. If it is the power drift room, you’ll just need to charge the orbs by standing close while you have energy and it’ll siphon it with a blue beam of energy. Once all four are charged (within a time frame, the charge does decay) the center of the room will open into a spiral staircase.
  12. So...I hate to rush but it’s been almost two weeks with no hot fix in sight for our scores, are we going to see it anytime soon?
  13. Was just about to say! Thank you for the input, and I’m pretty sure you’re right about it. Thank you very much, am I able to delete posts on here?
  14. EDIT!-Now found out that I was misunderstood, please disregard the post! Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong topic to put this under, I’m really not sure where it’d fit. With our new Nightwave Intermission 3 update on switch, we were told that we were supposed to no longer have repeat loot offers for Nora’s ranks, and instead they’d be 50x cred offerings. For the most part it seems to be true, as I’ve got a lot of 50x cred rewards, but there are some notable outliers. Not sure how much detail is relevant so i’ll omit nothing. Rank 8-Nightwave Sigil Rank 14-Meticulous Aim
  15. I’m not entirely sure if this is a bug, an oversight, or what. On switch (not sure of PC or any other platform) our recorded score is just our high score in one mission, which really doesn’t feel like it’s much of an achievement/measurement of our participation. I’m not sure if it’s meant to show our overall score but if it isn’t, I really think it should.
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