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    Kuva lich

    Hello sorry if this in a wrong place but i wanted to know in the hotfix said as soon as you kill the larving then you get a choice but i didn't i was doing a capture mission and killing everyone and noticed the warning that it spawned and i think i killed it by accident i had no choice as to kill or leave it just dissapeared as before and now i have the kuva lich spawned i just had killed another one witch was a pain in the back always just appears and before you know it i'm dead now i have another one running around that i did not want can i have it removed somehow becasue i don't want to have it at the moment enough is enough the grinding over and over and over just the know the combination and then again get killed over and over till you find the correct one i just don't wan't to deal with this thing anymore if it's not going to be possible to remove it then i'll just let it rot for all i care had enough with the first one thanks for reading
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