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  1. Can we get a better explanation as to why a toggle for heavy melee hold is not in the cards? I really dislike using alt fire for it.
  2. Can we get something like a lockout on going to The Anomaly until the Railjack mission proper is completed? Or some kind of flag that prevents players from wasting their time loading into a run and getting no chance at getting anything? Something like Derelict keys? Enemy refresh? Because of how the missions are designed, players can rotate in and out at will at any point in the mission, so hosts are just bum rushing to the anomaly (if they stay just inside the perimeter of the anomaly, the enemies leave the Railjack alone). If nothing drops, the crew bails out and then people will start rotating in and out totally freely hoping to get a crack at the loot, but the host is just like "yeah no it's already cleared and nothing dropped, I'm just running the mission now." And, because you can only load into the node with the anomaly once per rotation, it's seriously screwing players over.
  3. Probably already reported a dozen times but this is a big ol' Progression Stopper: If you blow up a target like a missile silo before you destroy all the Crew Ships, the mission will consider itself complete but still read "Crew Ships: x/4" and you cannot complete the mission or access Navigation.
  4. HUGE step in the right direction. Thank you.
  5. IMO glaive + pistol came out unscathed because they can't tweak the mechanics too much without basically breaking how it works on the most fundamental level. It's one of my favorite setups, especially since I can air throw and it still has the (much more intuitive) hold button to throw it.
  6. I have to open with saying that I do like some of the changes in the Techniques part of this update, but I have a lot of criticisms that fall in line with a lot of things other people have said in this thread; that said I'm going to just gloss over a few things right now: Gunblades and solo Glaives feel absolutely awful right now; they feel chunky and impossible to use, and heavies being glorified charge attacks (that we can't just use the charge hold for) just removes the smoothness and fluidity of what we had. Some weapons and some stances, I personally feel like came out all right. I actually like Blind Justice in this iteration, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. I like that we can finally lock melee/Sword Alone it again, but y'all still need to lock Valkyr's Hysteria out of using guns completely. Maybe in some way this whole thing will come up with a net positive scenario where we can get a hybrid of what we had and what you wanted to bring us and smooth this out into something that feels a lot better than it does. Honestly, I'm glad that pistol+glaive came out of this pretty much untouched, it is IMO one of the most versatile and flexible combat styles in the game. I'm also not an avid gunblade user, but I have to agree: They don't feel good right now, at all. The animations look smooth but the in-use feel of them is chunky and choppy. Shield throws for weapons like Sigma and Cobra are undocumented, but I spotted a stray comment you can activate them mid-air by back+melee, which ... if this were a game that had lock-on combat I'd be okay with, but we don't have that. It zeroes out your momentum and makes it hard to follow it up with a lunge or a bullet dive, and removes the smooth, sleek, streamlined flow it had. I appreciate that the changes are forcing me out of my comfort zone to try new stances or revisit old ones, and there's some I want to go for, but ones like Tempo Royale suffered greatly with the new system. Instead of a fluid, graceful, momentum-based alternative to the power strikes of other Heavy Blade stances, it just feels like Yet Another Heavy Blade Stance with you needing to RMB or detonate stacks to get some of the old feel back in the style. Surely there's some way to bring this back to the big swooping anime-to-wuxia-style it used to be? I actually kind of like the Final Harbinger rework, too, but the RMB combos are in entirely the wrong order: The shield throw (2) should be the opener, followed by the corkscrew attack (1), and ending with the flourish: The end result, you stun, lunge in, and then end with a sweeping, smoothly-animated flourish. To be honest, my biggest complaint for a long time with that attack chain was the dive took you way too far and could've stood to have it's lunge distance cut in half. Overall I had high hopes but realistically expected some jank in the changes. Unfortunately there is a lot of work that needs to be done here and I hope this does not get rushed to cert for consoles before it can properly be sussed out. (Also, allow heavy attacks to be detonated like charge attacks of olde and I'll probably be a little more happy and the game will regain some of it's fluidity. My mouse 3 button has been broken for ages and I had to remap the button for my kb -- which on Warframe means messing with some really tight real estate and having to do some finger gymnastics.)
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