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  1. If only, right? Naw, I know-- I don't want a full kit rework at all; her kit on the whole is all right, but Melee 2.9 was ... like I get what they were going for by allowing Exalted Weapons to be hot swapped, but it doesn't feel right. Excalibur's Exalted Blade was given a range component because it was too limited. Hysteria is supposed to be Valkyr going full berserker and locked out of/committed to the role of ripping dudes in half with her bare hands. It just doesn't feel "right," and in the case of Valkyr she feels like an unintended consequence of a good intention. Lock her out of ranged weapons and (wish list) tweak back the scaling EN drain slightly and they've made the world right again, there. I think they're revisiting aspects of it based on something Steve said during the devstreams (don't ask me for a timestamp) but like, this is a big big one. (I mean in a perfect world I'd love for Ripline vs terrain to function like a Spider-Man swing (or Pathfinder's grappler vis a vis Apex) and get some cool dynamic physics and movement, but the Hysteria thing was like... forget a club, it was more like a Tigris Prime to the kneecap, and as far as I've seen I'm not alone in feeling this way.)
  2. Valkyr fans in the back row prayin' for Hysteria to be fixed before her Prime re-releases. 😭
  3. Can we get a rough idea of how large the Drydock dojo room will be for Empyrean? (If not shown, at least a rough indication on a scale like "small hallway" to "obstacle course.")
  4. I want to hands-on workshop some of the augments but I've had time with Magnetized Discharge and I think I like it even though the augment as-is was actually really stupidly good and slept on by way too many people. Hysteric Assault just does nothing to address the criticisms of Valkyr's current kit. 😞 I'm hoping y'all actually get on this ASAP because Hysteria is just literally broken rn.
  5. Speaking strictly on the 'frames I use the most/have used the most... I mean I already use Magnetized Discharge as part of my base build and it works hilariously well at LV100+ so buffing it is "I don't need it but I'll take it." IMO y'all should focus on reworking her Passive, as Universal Vacuum + all sentinels having Vacuum makes "vacuum when bullet jumping" overly superfluous. (Like, let her drag the shards she creates with Polarize, at least?) I'm being a bit dramatic, I know, but tacking more things onto Hysteric Assault feels more like an attempt at putting a butterfly bandage over a severed limb. Hysteria should not allow the use of guns, period. The fact you lose your invulnerability and still lose EN (at the % you're at when you switch) while using guns/ADS/aim glide in Hysteria seems like an unintended consequence of Melee 3 and I'm kind of floored that this has not been fixed by this point. I'd rather be locked into melee -- and forced to dive -- and actually play into the "melee berserker" theme of the character, as it always has been. As for the base of the mod as it is-- lunging in at your target -- I stand by my opinion from back when this mod originally came out: This should've been an innate part of the ability (at a reduced range), and not actually a mod. With a 40 meter lunge at max it already gives you a good reach and doesn't need an increase, and as noted above, Hysteria should lock you out of using guns, so a half-second of invulnerability is a hard pass for me.
  6. I love the air casting, but where it matters most for me as a Mag player it ... doesn't do much. Crush is (still) an ability I literally hate to cast.
  7. Any chance we can get a peek or more info on Steve's Archwing reworks? New tiles to go with any updates? I need to go straight-up Jehuty again.
  8. Can we get the Prime grip VFX tethered to the elemental or constant trail toggles so we can turn them off?
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