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  1. Bueno la siguiente, es básicamente una recomendación porque hay muy pocas cosas en dicho archivo con respecto a los contenidos que tenemos. Por ejemplo sería buena idea saber un poco más de los warframes elementales con los que iniciamos, como Mag o Volt. Otro caso muy intrigante para mí y para algunas otras personas podría ser Nidus (él tiene su propio quest y sin embargo no sabemos casi nada de dónde vino).
  2. Por ahí tengo un lich de Kraken kuva, si deseas te lo vendo baratito nomás Y de esa forma mejor te quedas con el agrietado
  3. Well, will tell u something very rare that happened the day before yesterday. Normally AI is dumb, but in a rare exhibition of cleverness, low level (90) infested managed to kill me by ambush. What happened? Simple. They covertly sent one of them yellow infested behind Ash, paralized the frame and then bombard him with toxic clouds and some hits. And me? I liked this, though rare, but It was surely a satisfaction to discover that even with our powers, builds and such, a good AI may provide some challenge. It also made me think that we also need foes with sinergy skills supportin
  4. I don´t know... just sayin', It may be nice to have some grenades for room clearing just like in real life.
  5. I know... This is the "hard mode" in Warframe, but sometimes enemies do have so much life that it gets... Boring. Just an idea, u know? Instead of 100 lvls plus other stuff for the enemies, just give them 30 more lvls... And better (more agressive AI). I mean we al know that sometimes our frames just pass through enemies who SEE THEM but do not react to us. Worse, some guards spawn looking at the walls, like punished kids. A more agressive and better AI (coordinating, looking to stunt the player, kill the teammates trying to revive a downed frame or mascot, or activelly looking
  6. First and foremost... good morning. I have some questions, in order to create a build for a heavy strike weapon. 1. Is it true that scythes and double hand nikanas produce bleeding on heavy strike with 100% chance? 2. If so... maybe might it be a good idea to put Condition Overload to a Pennant? Even when it's status chance is only 10%, with a 100% chance of bleeding... wouln't it be 120% more dmg to our strikes? 3. Does Condition Overload effects apply with the same strike that we apply the status proc on an enemy? Or does it apply on the next strike? (after we blee
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