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  1. We don't even know how that will work, for we know Matchmaking may stay device specific. A high end gaming PC will load into a mission long before someone on a Switch will.
  2. I have Stabbed a Lich got all 3 mods right without knowing any mods or using Oull I agree, Kuva Lich Spawning is too slow. I stopped reading after that. Calling people names for not doing things the way YOU want to do them isn't good feedback
  3. The articulars take up 100 Capacity each when place, given that Ayatans take only 5 in Orbiter but 20 in Soho it could be a performance issue The Stalker noggle i believe is a returning item from the second dream release. I think that was before orbiter decorations were in dojo
  4. I just had a Converted Lich show up randomly during a Sortie Radiaton Hazard mission. Lichs as enemies are immune to the normal Radiation effect, as allies they should also be immune, let them take more damage from allies in the same way they do as enemies
  5. This is not a bug Argon Crystals decay
  6. Turn this bug into a feature, let me change my Lichs Voice
  7. When you use a Kuva Lich on call and tell it to Hold Position it will use it's movement ability to move away from where you told it to stay, and revert back to following you. The UI doesn't change however. Note: This only happens with a Lich with the movement ability Vault or Teleport To replicate this bug set up your Lich (With Vault or Teleport) on call and start up any mission (easier to see on a defence or interception) use the on call gear item, once your Lich has spawned in tell it to hold position. As long as there are enemies nearby it will use it's movement ability and no longer be holding position.
  8. Item may appear larger than it actually is Not suitable for Children under 3 While stocks last
  9. You don't want one with the Vault movement ability, they spend half the time jumping around. (Kuva wise) You don't want one with Rad (Useless abilities), Impact (Meh abilities) or Electric (Vors Beam wastes time) The level you convert it affects it's health Best Weapons - Kuva Grattler, Kuva Ayanga, Kuva Zarr
  10. No, It's nice to play something that doesn't have a lot of familiar voices.
  11. The Station you put in is right where I put my Prime Noggles
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