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  1. I was hoping for Zephyr and Loki... I already have Chroma, Loki is 600p+ right now. Maybe Loki will be this years Tennocon Frame?
  2. This is not a bug this is how it's supposed to work now. If you wish to use your own Rj play friends only and invite people
  3. I don't mind Grab bags, as long as the items are similar, like the Lens Grab bag they did a couple of weeks ago.
  4. When returning from a mission if someone puts up a mission vote the UI locks up, you cannot vote, the nodes on the star chart disappear, you cannot load the dojo, if the vote is not force started you have to restart the game
  5. Maybe they'll do it with the next Operator Quest. I'd like the option. The thing is i expect a majority of players don't replay through the quests multiple times. I know a few players who hate any kind of story and find it a chore to have to do quests to access content.
  6. That's a Toxin Lich lol Radiation have Lokis abilities - Decoy, Switch Teleport and is 4th Radial Disarm
  7. Some more thoughts Lich Management System, be able to choose which lich spawns (I currently have 5) be nice to be able to pick who will join the fight could also be covered by Lich beacons Radiation Lichs need an offensive ability currently they have no way to deal any damage outside of their weapon Shildeg Lichs do not use their weapon, my friend has one (Which is also Radiation) and cannot attack
  8. They need to do something with Lichs otherwise there's no point in having more than 1. Some more thoughts Been able to upgrade their % bonus would be good (makes them untradable) Adding new Lich mods to let you upgrade them Being able to give them weapons to use Being able to do everything the Syndicate Operatives can do Have their own Fighter to act as an escort for your Rj (Would be upgradable via mods, Fighter type determined by Lich Element)
  9. "Mute" - Lich doesn't talk "Lover" - Lich flirts with the player "Scientist" - Lich talks about doing experiments "Social Butterfly" - Lich talks about going to a party later "Dancer" - Lich will stop attacking and dance randomly "Pacifism Defect" - Lich talks about joining Steel Meridian, additionally Lich does not attack the player at all
  10. i believe you can submit a tickets or something like that to take ownership of the clan if the leader is inactive
  11. With the addition of Command and an Npc crew for Rj, what do people think on expanding that, to allow your crew to join you for regular missions, with less than 4 people in the squad. It'd need an option that you could switch off if you wished.
  12. It'd be nice but since the featured frame isn't in the bundle it'd be a bit weird. It's likely tied to the Glyph as well
  13. If you REALLY wanted it you'd find a way to save the money up.... It'll be available for 3 months, your saying that you'll have no disposable income in 3 months... Lol
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