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  1. Yes, we do. Some notes on the choices I included here: The Appenni Kubrow was the first creature I decided on - both because all other landscapes have a kubrow predator on them and because it didn’t make sense for Vasca Kacats to hunt the large herbivore I was going to include here (which eventually became the Magnacervus). After all, everything must be preyed upon by another creature at some point in its life. The serberis is supposed to have unique mechanics for capturing it depending on the time of day - if you find some during the morning portions of the Day-Night cycle (as
  2. ? All is forgiven....even though I have no idea what you are apologizing for....
  3. The Jaekelopterus expy would be a ghoul-like foe, acting an an apex predator of surface environments. The Cameroceras equivalent would be either a set piece or an arch-wing enemy/conservation target. Now I need to go and farm Lavos.
  4. The Enceladeans are mostly meant to be rather insignificant in the grand scheme of things - they exist, and are truly alien beings, but aside from the stuff they give you, they have no real presence in the grand picture of the system and are deliberately choosing to be isolationists so that the major powers don't decide to knock on their doors. I just find the idea of an actual alien civilization in warframe being treated as something completely beneath the notice of the powers of the Origin System to be highly amusing.
  5. Also, in regards to how the terraforming process did not wipe them out, the effect was closer to the Oxygen Catastrophe, where most living things died out but the survivors came out much stronger, while simultaneously accelerating evolution by quite a bit. Also, Rap tap tap.
  6. So, just noticed this a few days ago, but there are currently seven conservation species for the Orb Vallis and Cambion Drift, but only four for the Plains of Eidolon. Allow me to offer some suggestions to bump up that number: Serberis: These venomous reptiles are commonly found in caves. Grineer excavations and the arrival of Vasca Kavats have caused a massive drop in their numbers, necessitating conservation efforts to preserve the. Wanted to include this one ever since it was mentioned in Toxic Terrors. These monitor lizard like predators can only be found in certain caves on the
  7. Yes. Most will be conculyst/Battlysts, but there may also be a friendly sentient that will be an escort target. As for how there is a friendly one....check the spoilers.
  8. Thanks. There'd also be a periodic mission to retrieve a sentient component the Grineer have unearthed before they can do something stupid with it. Inactive Eidolon lures can be found aboard the transport carrying the fragment, and you can even get a heap of sentient cores from one of the rooms on said transport.
  9. Also, some railjack stuff (not putting it into the main portion because this is still WIP) The Enceladus railjack/archwing maps would be set inside the ejecta cloud of one of its volcanoes. The Ice field is the center of several grineer research stations, which need to be destroyed to prevent them from finding out about the Enceladeans. Occasionally, there will be an Enceladean trapped in one of the stations, who needs to be rescued by the Tenno. Periodic ice storms inflict the Frost proc on crewships, railjacks, and fighter units, though these are primarily caused by frost clouds, which
  10. Description: A Frozen Moon of Saturn, the Orokin marked it for terraforming and potential habitation, but never succeed before the Old War. Now, though, as the Grineer begin to search the area for Orokin relics, a new signal has emerged, calling out to the Tenno... How to access: Junction from Saturn, will leave it to DE to figure out the exact requirements, though I would prefer it happens after Uranus. New Tileset: Grinner Frozen Seaway. A Hybrid of the Europa and Uranus Tilesets, the Frozen Seaway is the site of many Grineer Excavations. Most are centered around the thermal v
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